Friday, January 02, 2009


1. Telemarketing- To trust or not to trust?

Recently, a friendly and persistant lady called me to enquire if I am interested to subscribe to AIG's Home Guard Plan. I was interested but then since the entire deal had to be carried out SOLELY through phone and I dont even have a proper number to call back in case anything bad happens, I decided to pull out from the whole idea of getting that policy.

Thinking back, I think I made a wise move. It could be a scam, you know how real scams can be these days. If I wanted the policy, I might as well just call up AIG and surely hoardes of salesperson will eagerly sell me the policy with freebies to offer.

So what do you guys think about telemarketers and telemarketing as a sales strategy?

I'd say, it's not the most effective method to promote any product or services these days.


2. Halal Food In KL.

An old friend of mine dropped by KL city for 2 days en route from Genting to Spore. And along with her is her Indonesian friend who is Muslim. So I, again, am being given the task to look for good and cheap halal food in town.

Halal is seldom a concern to me when I go for meals so I kinda took for granted which restaurant is halal and which is not. So this is issue nombor satu.

Another thing to consider is price. For me, its OK lah to spend a bit more once in a while, say RM 30 or so for a decent meal with a friend whom I rarely meet. But my other kakis would rather not spend that much for food. So again, this is another problem.

Most of the group wont want mamak or malay food. So to be safe, I'd say fusion food is best. So halal, cheap and cheerful mamak is out.

For me, I'd restrict the locality to somewhere in Bukit Bintang. Near for all of us. If only my friends live in PJ, I'd gladly take them to Murni.

So here I am, at 6.20pm, an hour from the dinner and still fairly unsure where to take them out for dinner. I've suggested Pavillion, of which I think fits the bill (figuratively and literally) but somehow I still feel tak puas having to settle for something conventional in a mall....

I should start keeping a log of halal fusion food lah...

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