Saturday, January 10, 2009

In The News

1. Isreal-Palentine Saga

I have to admit here that I am NOT that knowledgable in issues like this, therefore am not qialified enough to comment much about the happenings between the two ruling regime in that little strip of land at Gaza.

Here in Malaysia, there have been many words of condamnation to Israel, hate emails and messages flying around and even politicians instigating the rakyat (including young schoolchildren) to hate Israel as 'Israel kills innocent Palestinians, poor Palestinians are saudara kita, so we must stop our musuh jahat from killing our saudara'. Wah, suddenly feel our country very 'yee hei', brother in pain, we protest so that they will pain no longer. Somehow or rather, I feel (note my choice of word) that most (not all) protester groups in Malaysia are not fighting against war, they fighting against opposers of their brothers in religion. Of course it is not wrong to speak out on behalf of the weaker brother, in fact it is the right thing to do. But, let's put it this way, if the cruelty was done on the neighbour who is of, say the Christian faith, would they, put a foot down and speak the same? Maybe, maybe not. I dont know coz in this country, the good or the sufferings of any religion other than the official one seldom gets highligted. Religions have been politicised and so are the news that we get every morning.

I do not condone killings of the innocent, but I believe in justice. Justice means we should also HEAR the other side of the story. What I see reported in the news is only the sob stories of the Palestinians, but have we given any opportunity to the Israelites to explain the reason why they did what they did? Its like hearing a schoolboy crying for being bullied in school, immediately felt injustified by the brutal act of the bully and immediately confront and label the bully as the bad guy without knowing that probably the so-called bully beat the schoolboy because the boy stole his book in class? The bully is not right la to retaliate in such a way, but the schoolboy is also wrong for reporting only the side of the coin that favors him. I am not trying to accuse Palestinians for starting the fight (like I said before, I am not that knowledgable in this matter), the gist of my idea is, no one is all bad or all good. I dont believe Israel is 100% bad, or Palestine is 100% good. It's a grey area, and taking sides is childplay. True justice is to hear from both sides, study and investigate the history and statements and decide on our own, what is right and what is not.

So my kata dua sen is, we must be wise not to simply join protests, learn to discern facts from exagerated fictions, love instead of hate even your enemies, do not generalise and pray for world peace. After all, the two nations are our saudara, from the same father (Abraham) and Father (God).

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