Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I Was Thiiiiiissss Close

...to getting my first summon in two years.

I dont usually talk on the phone without loudspeaker function (coz I am too stingy to get a handsfree kit) but today, I was just too confident that the police will not be around so I just picked up the call like normal, put it to my ear and chatted away. Wasnt much of a chat la, baru say a few words and then I realised that the cops were just behind me. Damn.

What to do in situation like this?

The usual practise in Malaysia is either:
1. You man up and take the ticket, or
2. You offer to settle 'undertable', or
3. You beg and plea for the officer to 'kasi chan laaa'

So what do you think I did? Let's check out the options one by one..

1. Pay the summon- Dei, its RM200! I might as well buy the handsfree kit! Or the many other items in my 'non-priority' list.

2. Bribe - Jesus wouldnt do that.

3. Kasi chan - This is the only viable option, rite? So I change my mode from 'fierce and daring female driver' to 'the dumb and innocent girl' and talked my way out of the situation. After several 'bang, kasi la chan sama saya, saya cuma cakap beberapa saat saja, saya promise takkan buat lagi', he pun let me go lah.

I wont say that I bluffed my way out, I am grateful to the cops for letting me go. I think I will not repeat the same mistake for a long time. And certainly, I will get a handsfree kit soon.


Anonymous said...

Wah..if i am the driver sure he say "switch off ur car..give ur IC..then take it look & see, look & see..macam mana settle?" which one you will choose?
(a.) berapa you mau? saya ada lima puluh saja..masih student ma..
(b.) okie la, bagi saman la..i'm anti corruption punya orang..
(c.) aduh, Encik..1st time ma, cakap kejap je..a few second je..nak baru tau caller i'm driving..bagi chance la..
(d.) aku kenal boss Encik..just now dia call i..i cakap la i'm driving..tu pun you nak saman i..you tak percaya i boleh call him now..
(e.) Others ................
Answer pls :


Anonymous said...

jesus wouldn ask 'kasi chans'..
he would render unto ceasar what is ceasar's,
even if it means paying rm200..