Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hmm…Short Notes

1.  Property Investment – Is it a good time now or should I wait further?

I received an email about a new apartment which is about to be launched for sale soon.  But being a company project, sales is open to staff first, so I thought, hmm, why not?  It’s relatively cheap, around RM 143K onwards, located in Cheras near amenities, major highways and roads, and close to UCSI.   That’s a bonus coz there will always be supply of tenants so long as the college doesn't relocate.  Of course renting to students means I have to be prepared to refurbish the place after several years (as students have the reputation for destroying the house).  But at that price, I think its a good buy.

But the thing that I feel kinda uncomfortable is, the outlook of the apartment which looks somewhat low cost.  But then again, for the price + built by a reputable contractor  & developer + pretty good location, how bad can it be? 

What say u?

2.  Who Said Oranges Are Dry?

Geez, I always wonder how come some people can eat oranges in the office while working?  I was told that oranges are ‘dry’, therefore it is possible to snack on the fruit during office hours.  But I disagree.

Oranges are juicy.  And they squirt sticky juice when peeled.  I hate to get my fingers all sticky and dirty especially if I need them for something else other than eating oranges.  Maybe I am a messy eater.  I have never been good at keeping my hands dry while eating juicy stuff.   

IMHO, keropoks are the still the best snack to satisfy my hunger pangs.  Cheap, cheerful, crispy and convenient.  =)

3.  We Are Forced To Be Generous

By giving away ALL the mandarin oranges given to us by our subcontractors.  And who gets our oranges?  Head Office people like the fighting oxen (pun not intended, this happens to be the year of the ox) from finance, and others deemed impotent ‘important’ to the project.  Well, I guess we still need to give some ‘protection’ money to safeguard our interest and to ensure that those people will always lookout for us.  After all, they control the money, and we, need the money.

So we the project team will have to settle for less oranges this year.

4.  What I Have Been Listening To Lately

1. You Can Do Magic – America.  This is an 80s hit which I almost forgotten of its existence until lately when I heard it again in LiteFM.  This band is not so famous lah, so for those who have not heard America’s songs, well, they sounded a little like Johnny Hates Jazz.  Itupun if you have heard of the band la.

2. Imagination – Just An Illusion – This is one song that till now, I still, STILL dont know who was the singer.  But damn the song is catchy and never fails to give me that chilly ‘ooo…is this real?’ feel.  Like I have been mysteriously transported into a revolving purple-colored tunnel ala James Bond’s famous us ‘in the gun barrel’ opening montage.  The fantasy-ous feel.  Me likey.

3. Cry Baby Cry – Carlos Santana ft Joss Stone & Sean Paul – I never liked rap and black R&B but this one, is just one notch up from the rest.  I think its the Santana riff la.  And Joss Stone.  Actually I was never a fan of Joss Stone- I always thought her songs are weird.  Tak sangka she can do club hits too.  This song makes me want to dance (though i am but a kayu dancer). 

4.  I Thought I’ve Seen Everything – Bryan Adams – Bryan is THE MAN!  Always love his voice, love his songs, love his music.  Cukup rock and cukup kaw!  He always sounds energetic and he plays darn good guitars too!  I think he can live up to his ‘18 Till I Die’ lah, already 50 but still looking good and strong. FIY, Bryan’s alter ego is a professional fashion and portrait photographer so that’s ten brownie points for him.  Me likey men like that – can sing, can play guitar, body also fit,  lagi is a photographer….*drool drool* kekekeke 

5.  This Entry Takes Two Days To Write

Not two solid days, but inspirations from two consecutive days, at different times of the day.  Ah. 

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Petrina said...

i love the new layout! :)
it's so cool looking, and it's really just you.

i'll see you next week ok. remember wed dinner plans.