Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

One of the preps living at the convergence of two effluent and happening areas is the crowd-free and clear view of new Year's Eve Fireworks.

Armed with a borrowed tripod, full charged DSLR, the infrared remote and a black card, I was all set to capture fireworks for the very first time.

Practical lessons learnt tht night:
1. Set the lens and camera to manual focus. Else, the camera will be hunting for focus point and you lose time and precious photographic opportunities.
2. I used a 50mm lens on a 1.5 crop body. Big mistake. Should have used something wider coz the fireworks aint very far away from me.
3. F22 is toooo small. Should have stopped down to F16 or so instead. The background were dark though the fireworks were OK.
4. Essential: Standby at least 15 minutes earlier than YOUR clock. I set my alarm at 11.50pm only to hear that the people were already counting down 22, 21, 20.... Luckily, I already had my tripod set and orientated at 9.30pm. But still, the last 22 seconds didnt give me much time for readjustments and for composition...I was like huru-hara frantically trying to catch the fireworks.
5. Exposure time and the black card thingy- I must learn to control and estimate better.

All in all it was OK, not too good but here are my best shots. They look good in full scale photoshop but whn uploaded here, the color macam not so bright anymore. Will figure out what's wrong another time.

This is the only full scale fireworks yang jadi. The rest are either too small, or overexposed. Frankly speaking, this is not my favourite shot because only can see one colour.
This one is almost there...I like the green and red. But unfortunately the top part was chopped and the stupid building and tower crane sorta spoil the composition.
Hopefully my next attempt will be better.

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