Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good Morning

Been feeling a little lazy to wake up these days.  There is always a battle going on in my head everytime the alarm goes off at 5.00am.  To wake up and hit the gym, or to continue with my slumber for another hour or so.  And the two sides of the mind will continue fighting until I eventually get up 45 mins later coz I cant sleep in peace anyway.  The good side prevails over evil.  Ah.

Working out in the morning is a good habit everyone should adhere to.  My Dato CEO goes jogging every morning before work.  The ex-Deputy CEO used to hit the gym before work.  So I pun terinspired to follow their footsteps.  Makes me feel like I’m part of the league, hehehe.  Perasan betol.

Anyway, all I want to say is, I must, MUSTI discipline myself to exercise and eat right everyday and this entry serves as a reminder and motivation for me to go on waking up early and hit the roads before the crazy morning rush begins. Ah, that is also one of the preps of waking up early.  I can drive on the LDP, Mahameru and Tun Razak at 120kph.  Muahahaha.


Cruel Angel said...

I think your new blog looks better...

anyway it easier to exercise when you are doing something of your interest.

Instead of focusing on getting fit, u should focus on getting fun.

Futsal or other team sports usually creat a fun atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

ya..a new look of ur blog..looks better..afterall, human like new things than old stuff..haha..so it wil be better if u can change d background once in 4 months or 6months (1st half and 2nd half of d year)..
abt d exercise, jus get some fun and enjoy it..with tat u wil get healthy life..