Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blogging with Windows Live Writer

Ah.  I finally managed to download the new Windows Live Writer after hearing so much about it.  But it still feels weird to draft my entry with Live View, meaning I get to see live how my blog will actually look like after posting.  And I think it looks boring, hahaha.  Maybe its time to change the template la. 


So what is good with this Live Writer?  Well, first of all, you get to write/edit your entry with live view and greater flexibility (bigger screen, yeah), no need to suffer with that small limited screen in blogger’s page.  Secondly, you can insert your pictures like how you could in Microsoft Word and Excel, can drag and drop, lagi can enlarge.  Wa sukak!  Now I don't have to complaint about how the stupid blogger will by default, shrink my pictures and affect my image quality! 




In fact, this whole proggramme has an uncanny resemblance with Microsoft Words.  Seriously.  If I spell wrongly, the jiggery red line will appear below the word.  If I right click, There is a list of suggestions for me to pick to replace the wrong word.  Nah, show you the print screen. 


 Live Function


Now I can say goodbye to unintentional typos!  Hehe….


And then, I can still categorize my entries based on the list that I have in blogger..


Live Function2



Whoa!  Just need to click only.  Cekap!!!  If I want I can even tag my entry with Tehnorati, LiveJournal, Flickr dan macam-macam lagi.  Should I?


Actually there are more functions that seems interesting but not very useful to me at the moment like Photo Album (I might use this though), table (good for comparison, I might use this too), Map (hmm..), Video (I am not a video person) and Plug-In (lagi la don't know what to do with it.).  In fact, I think there are MORE functions which I have yet to explore and fully utilize.



So my verdict is a 9/10 on first day.  No more typos, better control over images and the layout and everything is so simple like Microsoft Word.  Total bliss to blog now.  Me likey this proggramme very the muchi. =D

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