Friday, January 30, 2009

Aunties Pun Ada Peer Pressure

A The conversation between older women with daughters of marriage age.

Aunty A : Eh, you know Ah Lian’s daughter got married last year

Aunty B : Yes ah?  How much is the dowry ah?

Aunty A :  I heard ah, her daughter’s husband gave RM1,000.00 only! So kiam-siap!  If me, I wont marry off my daughter to him!

Aunty B : Eeyer, like that wan ah?  But this Ah Lian memang like that wan, so stingy.  Like mother, like son.  Everything also cincai.  You know Ah Peng’s daughter last month got married and the son-in-law gave her RM 10,000.00 dowry!  And dinner, jewelleries all pau ka liao, she no need to pay a single sen!

Aunty A :  Last time my first son in law gave me RM 12,000.00 for dowry.  And he so nice, some more book hotel rooms for our relatives. 

Aunty B :  Whoa, like that I must ask for at least RM8,000.00 for dowry.  My eldest daughter is a university graduate, I raised her till big, sure must ask for more.  Cant give my daughter for free. 


So youngsters, if you think peer pressure is only for the adolescent, hehe, you’re wrong.  Coz aunties also need to outperform each other or else no face lah.  Afterwards the whole morning market or tai chi gang knows that aunty’s daughter got married to a poor man.

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