Sunday, December 07, 2008

My Babies Are Home!

Nope, I'm still single with no kids.

1. My D80 is discharged with minor internal problems only. PC adjusted (whatever that means, I am by no means knowledgable about stuff like this) and firmware updated (that I know, at least). Just played with it for a while and saw some very interesting features being uploaded with that new firmware.

Will experiment it tomorrow =))

2. Lenny is back and so is my Lumix! Yaey! So I will still be able to take that candid self portrait again! The DSLR is good but when it comes to candid narcissistic shots, the Lumix does a better job simply because its light, simple to use and...memang meant for it.

3. Ok lah, not to forget my Minimo. Tried it out today at Jaya One with overcast skies and the results were...err...let's just say they need some enhancement in the digital darkroom. But its excusable because its supposed to be a digital Lomo.

And since I am forced to take leave on Raya Haji, what better things to do than to drive down to Port Dickson and capture some beautiful seaside sunrise sunset shot? I have not tried taking these shots seriously and I hope it will not rain and the sky will be blue.


1. Shoot landscape of sea, sun, sand
2. Try panorama shot. Few frames, later stiched in photoshop.
3. Try HDR something (not pseudo HDR)

Dont la rain or even overcast.....

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