Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008 *Warning: Extremely Long Post*

It's precisely 10.00pm now and in a coupla hours, the year 2008 will end.

The countdown will begin soon.
The revellers will cheer.
The fireworks will be displayed in fullness of glory.
The cars on the road will go beserk.

And I am at home waiting to catch the fireworks from both Curve and 1U. With my camera of course. Did my research, practised a few long exposures, cleaned my lens, fixed the tripod, checked the batteries and I will be ready when the time comes. Cross my fingers and hope I will get at least ONE sharp picture.

Anyway, that's about the activity for the night.

So what does 2009 await and how has 2008 faired? Well, looking back, I think the year had not been too kind to me. Though I would say I had good times travelling to Sandakan, being part of some major events committee, bought my first DSLR and ventured into photography, I still would say, I wish the bigger part of the year had been great too. Unfortunately that bigger part consisted of work, work and work.

I wanted to serve at Crossroads Community Centre but I cant commit because I work full day every Saturday.
I wished I had more time with mum everytime she comes by but I cant because I work until 7 something every freaking day and reach home only around 8-ish, of which she would have finished dinner and already started watching TV.
I wish I could travel to places every weekend to improve my photography. But I cant since the only weekend I get is Sunday and Sunday mornings are consecrated for God. By the time church and lunch is over, it would have been 2 or 3 pm and all I want to do is sleep till evening comes.
I wish I could travel for work, see. learn, feel and do different stuff rather than being stuck at one sucky place ALL THE TIME and repeat the same mundane work EVERY SINGLE DAY.

In all honesty, I have began to resent my work. I. Need. A. Change. Work is eating up my life and the relationships I have with people around me. And I dont give two damns about my amortised value with the company now. Perhaps its a case of burnt out. Or lost of passion. Either way, I really need some fresh air before I suffocate and die a slow and painful death.

Suddenly teringat pulak a song that descibes my situation very well.
"So where is the passion when you need it the most
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost..."- Daniel Powter's Bad Day

So now that 2009 is peeping close behind the door, I have many, many wishes for the year ahead. God must help me. I have no other choice but to depend on Him. I dont ask for gold and riches, but something that I have been longing to do in my heart while I am still young and single. I wont disclose what is it here but I'll let this be something between God and I. We'll see. I hope that this time of next year, the atmosphere of my year review entry will be significantly different...

But just for the fun of it, since I am already in the Fifth Gear in writing this entry, I'd like to share some mimpi siang that I have been secretly harboring everyday. It's about my dream life.

If money isnt an issue, I would like to travel to say, Israel (please dont stone me O Government of Malaysia. And I am still too young to live in ISA) for a soul searching trip. Live a simple life. Take photographs everyday for myself and for others. Taste the sweetness of fruits and honey. Smell the scent of the flowers and fresh grasses. Relearn the beauty of life.

OK lah, already talk so much here. Time to prepare myself for tonight's shoot. Another 1 hour to go....So before I log off, here's wishing all of you, my dear friends


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