Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Not Good

The past few days had been lousy for me.

1. Had to turn down an extremely tempting offer because I am a sucker for relationships and I cant let go of any commitments here. I thought to myself, life better be good here for me. I am sad and painful, but since I have decided to stay, I might as well live with it and not regret in the future. After all, life is more than dollar and cents, although having the extra moolah would be good...hmmm.

2. Been sick yesterday and today. I suspected food poisoning because I didnt have gastric pain and I vomited everything I had for lunch and dinner. I knew it was bad coz vegetables started coming out from my nose and the orange juice that I took couldnt even make it safe into my digestive system. It was extremely gross and painful to my throat and nostrils because solids are not supposed to emerge from the air inlet. But the doctor didnt diagnose me with any stomach problem, in fact he didnt event check my stomach! But nevermind, I still got an MC and it was good considering I was nauseaus all day long and my site office doesnt have a toilet close enough for sudden pukes.

3. I missed the Cobra Rugby 10s last week. Been waiting for it for so long, got myself 7 tickets and in the end, wasted all SEVEN VIP tickets due to unforeseen circumstances. Dang, my heart aches when I think of it, but what to do, there are more important obligations than sitting at the stadium watching men roughing out in the field. I hope next year I will be able to watch it with like-minded people ie rugby/sports fans OR/AND sports photographers.

4. I'm getting tired of doing the never-ending 'external project'. Although it pays pretty well for the type of job that I am supposed to do, but it's taking too much of my 'hobby time'. I miss my camera and cant wait to go out for my next photo shoot. The only consolation I get from doing this job is, $$. Times are hard ya.

Hm..tomorrow will be a new day and I hope the dark clouds will move away. Go.

Darn, I slept too much in the afternoon, I cant sleep now. Perhaps I can try to count sheep. Or read a book about er....banking? Or dream about Daniel Craig? Haha.

Goodnite guys.

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CruelAngel said...

cant have the best of both worlds lol!