Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Masuk Hospital

I saw a green dot at the LCD screen at the body. Snapped a few more pictures. The dot was still there. Changed the lenses and memory card. Still there. Zoom in the image and pan to the left, right, top, bottom....the green dot followed suit.

Feeling a little suspicious that the problem could be more than just a dead pixel at the LCD, I had no choice but the send in my baby for a diagnosis and further medication after a full checkup has been done.

I hope its nothing major. The medical report will be out only in 10 days....Sigh. I love my D80 and I feel so helpless without it by my side. Even more so because my small Lumix has accompanied my friend to Amsterdam and it'll be there for 3 weeks.

So I'm officially camera-less. =( Feeling disorientated and lost already.

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