Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2-3 Weeks

Is the time needed for Nikon Service Centre to produce a diagnostic results for my D80.

My heart dropped when I heard it on the phone.

Bleeds at the prospect of NOT having any photographic tool for the weekend. And the next couple of weeks.

Sooooo tempted to starve myself this December and buy a used D40 just to satisfy my lust for photography. Which is roughly RM1K now.

But to think back, I dont use my D80 that often, other than when I go for shoots, or when I go travelling. On normal days, I hardly even touch it. But the burning desire to take photographs is constantly on my mind; if I were a guy, and NOT working on regular hours, I would set myself on a photographic quest alone at 4.30am, capturing the beautiful sunrise by the beach or in the forest. Or I would go to Port Klang on a Saturday night to shoot the passing ships and waves.

That's the dream life, which unfortunately, I cant live up to due to safety and other social stigma. Sigh. But I sure will if I have the opportunity.

Anyway, back to my camera and the agony...So here I am back on the streets with a search for a replacement killer...with a low price tag, somewhere below Rm500.. With that kind of budget and a fussy eye, my options are few. I'm even thinking of getting a Minimo, that cute little keychain sized Lomo camera. So cute, small and cheap, I can buy it NOW. But, Lomography isnt my kind of photography and I dont know if I will use it for long or not. But but but.....its cheap. And cheap is good.

We'll see how la. Damn itchy hands adi, I NEED A CAMERA NOW!

*ps: btw I uploaded a pic in my xanga site. Hehe

*latest update: I found the charger for the slightly defected Oly mju 700! Yaey! Though the anti shake is not working, cant focus in certain modes, and have some other malfunctions, but the heck la, at least I can shoot!

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