Monday, September 15, 2008

You Blardy Racist!

Racists, racism and racist remarks are becoming a joke these days.

If an Indian burns a tanglung, we call him 'blardy racist!'
If a Chinese belanja cha siu pau in the office, we call him 'blardy racist!'
If a Malay calls other races immigrants, he's a 'blardy racist!'

It's undeniable that 'Blardy Racist' is the 'in' word now. Jokingly or not.

Looking at the multi-etchnicity properties of our country, I can safely say that what the Gomen portrays is not the truth of what is prevailing in the nation.

Like, we, the citizens are not racists. Of course there are some bad eggs but generally, we tolerate and accept one another pretty well.

I may not be very happy over certain rights reserved to a certain race, but I am never against them because of their entitlement to receive that rights I couldnt get.

I dont condemn my Malay friends for not eating pork. I just feel wasted for them coz they dont get to savor that juicy siew yok from that chinese shop around the corner. But it's their creed so as the flexible, eat-everything one, I will give in and eat whatever they eat whenever I;m out with them. And I'm cool with that.

Likewise, they are cool with me eating char siew rice in front of them, so long I dont touch them with my food.

And my Malay neighbours back in my hometown will push in our laundry to the porch when it rains and we're not at home. And we give them old newspapers for their keropok lekor business. AND the Indian family in front my house will never fail to offer us Deepavali cookies and murukku and mum will give her a lift to town if she happens to see her at the bus stop.

Racism is over-rated. Harmony is undermined.

When we say racism, I think (and I believe everybody knows) that its all politics.

Blardy politicians.

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