Thursday, September 18, 2008

Love Songs

Love songs are so easy to like; pleasant to the ears and makes the heart feel all warm and fuzzy.

Love Daniel Powter's latest song, 'Next Plane Home'. If you have seen the video, you'd probably agree with me that this song is indeed very heartwarming and sweet.

Also, I had been listening to some oldies from the likes of Neil Sedaka and Cliff Richard. I have always had a soft spot for oldies, even those dated back to the 50s. I guess I'm a sucker for romantic songs. Songs from the 50s in particular, have so much depth and sincerity in the words, unlike songs from the recent years which almost never fails to include elements of sexual desires and physical appeal. What blasphemy!

Anyway, I love Cliff Richard's 'Constantly'; so beautiful and romantically heartwarming. And Neil Sedaka's 'Laughter in the Rain'. Very relaxing and destressing.


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