Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We have been walking in the tunnel for a long, long time. Lead by a group of elites with torches, we walked where they walk. Conviced us that they are doing us good. The tunnel gets darker and darker, the crowd gets breathless by the day. But we did not have a choice. Leaders said we are alright. For 51 years, we believed.

And then came another person, proclaiming that he will take over the torchlight and lead us out of darkness. We believed. We wanted change. We have been lost, disillusioned. We need a reformation. The ride needs to be stopped!

But the Promised Day came. Nothing happened. He was mocked by the current leaders. Liar, they called him. Why would you believe in a liar? Someone who is living in his fantasy? He is not capable of overtaking the torch. No. They have been holding the torch for years, even flame those who oppose their decisions.

We waited, yes we did. For every hour, we tried to peep at the front. Nope, no sight of any change. The torch is still in the same hands. One even re-ignited it with kerosene.

Where's our hero? The 'hero' stayed put at one corner.

Such a frustrating scene.

But what else do we have? What can we bet?

Nothing but the words of the one man who claims he CAN save us all. Hope is still there. Coz if we give up, hope will be gone forever. Another generation will perish with degradation.

Stay put. Dont let your hopes die. We are all in this together.

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