Thursday, September 04, 2008

Another Bagful of Kacang Putih Campur Murukku

Been rather busy lately. In fact, I think I'm busier now than ever coz the project is progressing rather rapidly. And also, with the new boss (this is the 4th PM for the project. 2 have left and 1 is leaving), work seems to be more hectic because he's rather pushy and fussy. But its not necessarily a bad thing. In constuction, we need people with drive, and are firm, not those who are good in PR but is soft and indecisive.

Ah, welcome to the rowdy world of construction where vulgarity is a norm and table banging is a daily scene in the office and at site.

Since we are talking about work, allow me to rant something for a good 2 minutes, ya?

When will work ever end? The more I do, the more work I have got to finish. Tak habis-habis. Is it just my project QS, or all others are like this also? I wonder lah.

I want a job that gives me freedom to do what I want to do. With flexibility of time. And earns big money. Will I ever find one that fits the requirement? Maybe. But for the time being, macam dont have.

Haih. I guess I'm just stressed out today. Yesterday. The day before yesterday. Last week too. Aargh.


Merdeka. Yes, Selamat (Belated) Hari Merdeka to all Malaysians, PRs & expats living in our beloved country. Though the country administrators suck big time, the traffic condition doesnt get better by the day, inflation is shooting up and the crime rate is alarming, still Malaysia is my home.

Eh, my first line gave me some thoughts. " Malaysians, PRs & expats...". When you hear expats, what do you think of?

Mat Salleh gwailo rite?

It's rather amusing to me how gwailos get the more glamour "expat" title rather than "immigrants" as what the Banglas, Indons and Pakistanis are refered to here. Padahal, all of them are from other lands.

Anyway, seems like I'm off topic again. OK la, I end my Merdeka rant here. And yeah, Happy Merdeka once again, and God bless Malaysia.

A lesson learnt last weekend.

1. If you are planning a trip with the family, with programs and schedules to follow, DONT think of doubling the trip as a photography trip.

It just doesnt work.


Bulan Puasa lagi.

Did a small "to do list" this time around.
1. Mesti puasa
2. Mesti bersahur
3. Tak boleh berdosa
4. Mesti pergi sembahyang terawih.


No la, I'm not Muslim. Just saja-saja pulling your leg. I guess that's the typical resolution for Muslim kids, no?

Anyway, my list is not as 'holy' as that.

1. Must go to one of the pasar ramadans around.
2. Must go to one of the Ramadhan Buffets around.
3. Meet up with my old Muslim friends for buka puasa. Long time no see, must catch up with them.

All food related. Cant help it, I'm Chinese and food is an integral part of our lifestyle. =)


Will write more another time. And hopefully, update my photo blog too.

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