Thursday, September 18, 2008

Love Songs

Love songs are so easy to like; pleasant to the ears and makes the heart feel all warm and fuzzy.

Love Daniel Powter's latest song, 'Next Plane Home'. If you have seen the video, you'd probably agree with me that this song is indeed very heartwarming and sweet.

Also, I had been listening to some oldies from the likes of Neil Sedaka and Cliff Richard. I have always had a soft spot for oldies, even those dated back to the 50s. I guess I'm a sucker for romantic songs. Songs from the 50s in particular, have so much depth and sincerity in the words, unlike songs from the recent years which almost never fails to include elements of sexual desires and physical appeal. What blasphemy!

Anyway, I love Cliff Richard's 'Constantly'; so beautiful and romantically heartwarming. And Neil Sedaka's 'Laughter in the Rain'. Very relaxing and destressing.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We have been walking in the tunnel for a long, long time. Lead by a group of elites with torches, we walked where they walk. Conviced us that they are doing us good. The tunnel gets darker and darker, the crowd gets breathless by the day. But we did not have a choice. Leaders said we are alright. For 51 years, we believed.

And then came another person, proclaiming that he will take over the torchlight and lead us out of darkness. We believed. We wanted change. We have been lost, disillusioned. We need a reformation. The ride needs to be stopped!

But the Promised Day came. Nothing happened. He was mocked by the current leaders. Liar, they called him. Why would you believe in a liar? Someone who is living in his fantasy? He is not capable of overtaking the torch. No. They have been holding the torch for years, even flame those who oppose their decisions.

We waited, yes we did. For every hour, we tried to peep at the front. Nope, no sight of any change. The torch is still in the same hands. One even re-ignited it with kerosene.

Where's our hero? The 'hero' stayed put at one corner.

Such a frustrating scene.

But what else do we have? What can we bet?

Nothing but the words of the one man who claims he CAN save us all. Hope is still there. Coz if we give up, hope will be gone forever. Another generation will perish with degradation.

Stay put. Dont let your hopes die. We are all in this together.

Monday, September 15, 2008

You Blardy Racist!

Racists, racism and racist remarks are becoming a joke these days.

If an Indian burns a tanglung, we call him 'blardy racist!'
If a Chinese belanja cha siu pau in the office, we call him 'blardy racist!'
If a Malay calls other races immigrants, he's a 'blardy racist!'

It's undeniable that 'Blardy Racist' is the 'in' word now. Jokingly or not.

Looking at the multi-etchnicity properties of our country, I can safely say that what the Gomen portrays is not the truth of what is prevailing in the nation.

Like, we, the citizens are not racists. Of course there are some bad eggs but generally, we tolerate and accept one another pretty well.

I may not be very happy over certain rights reserved to a certain race, but I am never against them because of their entitlement to receive that rights I couldnt get.

I dont condemn my Malay friends for not eating pork. I just feel wasted for them coz they dont get to savor that juicy siew yok from that chinese shop around the corner. But it's their creed so as the flexible, eat-everything one, I will give in and eat whatever they eat whenever I;m out with them. And I'm cool with that.

Likewise, they are cool with me eating char siew rice in front of them, so long I dont touch them with my food.

And my Malay neighbours back in my hometown will push in our laundry to the porch when it rains and we're not at home. And we give them old newspapers for their keropok lekor business. AND the Indian family in front my house will never fail to offer us Deepavali cookies and murukku and mum will give her a lift to town if she happens to see her at the bus stop.

Racism is over-rated. Harmony is undermined.

When we say racism, I think (and I believe everybody knows) that its all politics.

Blardy politicians.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The 'Whatever' Culture

Youths these days are so 'whatever'. Ask them any question, and the answer will most likely be a resounding 'whatever!'. I'm still young myself, but I never really caught into this 'trend' of 'whatever'-ing all my answers. I suspect it has got to do with the fact that I grew up in a small town up north and people there just dont talk and act glam.

Kinda old fashion a lil. OK, maybe it's just me.

But tell me lah, dont you get irritated when you ask somebody "Can I do [insert any suggestion]?" and the answer you get is 'Whatever!". What does that supposed to mean? Yes or no? I would automatically deduced it as a modern uppity way of telling no.

But what about when you asked someone a 'how' question and the answer you get is a 'whatever'? So how? My respond would be: come back another time to ask the same question when that person is not in the MTV mood.

Ah, damn you MTV for poisoning our youths with the 'whatever' culture.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

To The Moon And Back

Contrary to popular belief, sound of it and the glamourousity of the artist who sang it (Savage Garden), it is actually a pretty sad song. Well, at least, in my interpretation.

The song tells about a girl who was not loved by her parents, neglected and possibly abandoned by them. She never knew what love is, never 'felt needed', and befriends other street kids who are equally poor with no moral guidance and survive by crimes. But deep down inside, she longs to be loved, and is willing to do anything, even 'flying to the moon and back' just to have somebody who loves her.

And there's another similar story line in another popular hit by Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Dani California was born poor, possible out of wedlock (my presumption, from the lyricist's description of her 'hippie' mum and 'copper' dad) and she survives by committing crimes like armed robbery and others. She finally died at a young age after she was shot during one of her missions.

I was just thinking of the reality of these two songs. There are many young girls out there, longing to be loved, to live a normal life, and basically, to be accepted.

I wish I could help. Not out of pity, but out of love for humankind. But can I?

Friday, September 05, 2008

Food from Bangladesh

Unglamourous as it may sound and seem, but it tastes pretty good.

Like eating kacang kuda satay.

Thanks to Ali (the office general worker) for his introduction on Bangladesh food, as eaten by the commoners there. =)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Another Bagful of Kacang Putih Campur Murukku

Been rather busy lately. In fact, I think I'm busier now than ever coz the project is progressing rather rapidly. And also, with the new boss (this is the 4th PM for the project. 2 have left and 1 is leaving), work seems to be more hectic because he's rather pushy and fussy. But its not necessarily a bad thing. In constuction, we need people with drive, and are firm, not those who are good in PR but is soft and indecisive.

Ah, welcome to the rowdy world of construction where vulgarity is a norm and table banging is a daily scene in the office and at site.

Since we are talking about work, allow me to rant something for a good 2 minutes, ya?

When will work ever end? The more I do, the more work I have got to finish. Tak habis-habis. Is it just my project QS, or all others are like this also? I wonder lah.

I want a job that gives me freedom to do what I want to do. With flexibility of time. And earns big money. Will I ever find one that fits the requirement? Maybe. But for the time being, macam dont have.

Haih. I guess I'm just stressed out today. Yesterday. The day before yesterday. Last week too. Aargh.


Merdeka. Yes, Selamat (Belated) Hari Merdeka to all Malaysians, PRs & expats living in our beloved country. Though the country administrators suck big time, the traffic condition doesnt get better by the day, inflation is shooting up and the crime rate is alarming, still Malaysia is my home.

Eh, my first line gave me some thoughts. " Malaysians, PRs & expats...". When you hear expats, what do you think of?

Mat Salleh gwailo rite?

It's rather amusing to me how gwailos get the more glamour "expat" title rather than "immigrants" as what the Banglas, Indons and Pakistanis are refered to here. Padahal, all of them are from other lands.

Anyway, seems like I'm off topic again. OK la, I end my Merdeka rant here. And yeah, Happy Merdeka once again, and God bless Malaysia.

A lesson learnt last weekend.

1. If you are planning a trip with the family, with programs and schedules to follow, DONT think of doubling the trip as a photography trip.

It just doesnt work.


Bulan Puasa lagi.

Did a small "to do list" this time around.
1. Mesti puasa
2. Mesti bersahur
3. Tak boleh berdosa
4. Mesti pergi sembahyang terawih.


No la, I'm not Muslim. Just saja-saja pulling your leg. I guess that's the typical resolution for Muslim kids, no?

Anyway, my list is not as 'holy' as that.

1. Must go to one of the pasar ramadans around.
2. Must go to one of the Ramadhan Buffets around.
3. Meet up with my old Muslim friends for buka puasa. Long time no see, must catch up with them.

All food related. Cant help it, I'm Chinese and food is an integral part of our lifestyle. =)


Will write more another time. And hopefully, update my photo blog too.