Saturday, August 09, 2008

DIY Dream

I like daydreaming. Especially on a Saturday afternoon, approximately around 4pm when the brain just refuse to work and the countdown clock seems to malfunction as well. It's the BEST time to close your Microsoft Excel sheets and stare into the computers and look for ideas for the weekend.

Of late, I have re-ignited my interest in DIY-ing stuff. It all started with me being stingy and wanting to make my own Drybox to keep my camera instead of investing a good RM 300 to buy one. But until today the project still havent jalan, but I will get it done by this week or next la. Then after that, I wanna build a lightbox pulak, for macro photography. But that I will have to wait until I get a flash first. And after the flash, I wanna make some diffusers and bounce cards.. Should be very interesting then =)

Maybe this weekend I will have some time to do some simple DIY works like a stationary box and pen holder which I had been meaning to do for a long time. My office table needs to be re-organised.

The thoughts of this led me to more ambitious DIY projects.

I want to have a garage so that I can do carpentry works. I like to work with wood. I like designing my own furnitures, buying the materials and shaping them to the form that I want. If only I have the place, money and time for this, I would pursue this as a hobby.

But that is probably many many years more to come. I'd better finish up my mini projects first before embarking on bigger plans.

Cheers, it's the weekends again. =)

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