Monday, July 14, 2008

Roadblocks and Politics

Malaysia is getting more and more interesting. First it was the Bersih rally that inspired a host of other public demonstators. Then the Hindraf rally took place. And then suddenly, for every other reasons, people seem to protest publicly, often to no avail.

I'm write as a politically neutral person although I do have my personal take on politics. But save my soul, dont put me in ISA (which is near my house in Taiping, btw). And as someone who is still new and excited about photography, I would love to join in one of the rallies to capture the moments. I have yet to do so, but I am sure there are more to come.

Speaking about rallies, there always be roadblocks. Yesterday there were blocks. Today also. Luckily I'm an early bird, or else I would have been caught in the terrible massive jam at all major roads heading towards the city today.

I often wonder lah, what is the purpose of the roadblocks? To detour demonstrators from their destination? But how effective can this be? I mean, if I am going to participate in a public protest, I am not going to put a banner on my car that says "I am a demonstrator, please arrest me now" right? Adui. I think ah, actually the police should just allow the protestors to go and do whatever they want. All these roadblocks still cant deter them from doing what they have set to do. But the demonstrators also must play their part la. Like dont damage anything, do it peacefully, no children allowed, dont cause traffic jam, dont get into fights with the police. They happy, the cops are happy, and we drivers will be happy too.

Happy driving, and dont stress out today!

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