Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's Been A While

The blog is not dead. I'm back.

Had been away from the office (and my only FREE source of internet) for a week. I aint missing work that much really. Just feeling a little disconnected and all dreamy after being away for such a long time.

One week is not much but for my kind of job, even 2 days off is like a big thing for us. Slaves ma. Kalau slaves tarak mari, siapa mau buat all the heavy and dirty job??

Ok la, maybe that was a little exegerated (damn how to spell this word).

So where have I been to for the past week? Another company function at Genting Highlands. Overall the event was OK la, the usual division presentation, Q&A and that corporate stuff la. Did not make it to the casino though, one because I dont gamble and two, because my kakis would rather go for karaoke than casino-ing. And, yeah, karaoke is fun! =)

So that was how I spent last week lah.

Weekend was great too. I got all the rest that I needed for so long... =)

*update: by the time I posted this entry, it would have been a couple of weeks past already.


The Dark Knight is Awesome!

Who said that Batman is nothing without the Joker?

I thought both the Batman and Joker were superb and equally strong in charactor.

Yeah, no doubt Heath Ledger portrayed the Joker as a vicious, phychotic villain with such natural consistency in the movie that you would believe that the Joker acted as the Joker himself. I'd say the best scene for the Joker was the hospital scene. Dont worry, no spoilers here.

Now Batman wasnt bad either. This time around, it wasnt so much on strength and action; you know the usual kicking and jumping and all that usual superhero moves that we expect. The theme for the Batman was really about his emotions, and how he became hero to zero, how he copes with the weighing guilt place upon him, and the loss of friends and loved ones.

Go watch it, I malas elaborate about it. My verdict: recommended with a thumbs up. =)

Waiting for The Mummy Returns now. Just a thought, if I remembered correctly, didnt Jet Li announced that he wanted to quit from acting some 3-4 years ago? Why do I still see him every year? But, what the heck la, I'd rather he continues acting than not. Still my favourite Chinese actor.


Yes, I know, I still hutang you guys (especially my dear friend Alan aka CA who asked me abt my trip to his hometown) my writeup on the Sandakan trip last month. Sorry la, a bit delayed. Coz this kind of entry needs lots of pics. More pics means more time to download. Suffice to say, it was not too bad, could have been better had I been more prepared and well informed. =) Met some new friends there too.


Finally I took the plunge.

After several thoughts and sleepless nights and calculations, I finally decided to jump to Nikon. It's a hard decision to make but I have to let go because of the few miliseconds AF lag which was a big deal for me. I thought it wouldnt borther me but it did.

With low budget and high ambitions, I set out to look for the best deals for a D80 and some lenses. Finally got the necessary gears, all used but in good condition, and at very, very reasonable price.

D80 body + 2 original Nikon batts + Original MD80 battery grip + 3G+256m memory card + a Nikon shoulder bag which I intend to sell later = RM 2350.00

Nikkor 18-70 : RM500.00

Nikkor 55-200 vr : RM600.00

Total expended : RM3450.00 only.

No regrets. D80 banyak syoik leh! And the battery grip also, makes the camera look mean! But of course cannot compare with D3 or even D300 la. Small ciku must start small first.

Ah btw, I've tried the D3 coupled with the 14-24 and it was....superb. But to own and use one, I have to have tonnes of cash and very strong arms.

Think I'll go for a short trip to somewhere near this weekend for a shoot.

My next target item: an SB 600 flash.

Upcoming DIY projects : Time to revive my drybox project once again.


My car spends more than I do everyday.

Parking around KLCC is such a fish. On good days, I would spend an average RM 6.00/day for parking. On bad days, I may have to spend at least RM10 for parking.

These people, the bloodsuckers of KLCC are such a cash greedy lot. And why is the government not doing anything to control them? How can they be allowed to bermaharajalela (no English word can give the 'punch' to that word) at the city's most posh area?

But come to think of it, if I own a piece of land at this area, I might convert it into parking area and charge RM 5.00 for it. Sure laku.

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