Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Temptations and Infidelity...

The flesh is weak. The mind is even weaker. And more often than not, I find myself coveting, to the point of wanting to leave the one I have whom I consciously decided to attach myself with, despite the knowledge that it may have some shortcomings and the fact that it is not famous as compared to others in the market.

Unlike its other cousins who are more outstanding, famous and downright mean, my Pentax is humble but power packed with good features. But the heated discussions and reviews about the poor autofocus adherent to all Pentax DSLRs is begining to wear me down mentally. And also the promising words that I hear from people from the other side (C & N)...makes we wanna jump ship and get rid of my Pentax.

But when I start entertaining such thoughts (I still do!), I will focus on things that got me hooked in the first place. And instantly I fall in love again with my Pentax.

1) it's got built in Shake Reduction while other famous brands (C & N) dont. Hah. They have to buy lens that have such function, which means more $$
2) it runs on AA batteries. So no fear of proprietary batteries dying halfway through shooting. And I love my Eneloops too. They just dont die. =)
3) I've read somewhere that Pentax is a poor man's Leica. (How consoling! Nobody ever gave such a credit to C & N, hehe)
4) For a beginner level DSLR, the K100Ds is weighty enough and looks pretty mean to an average person.
5) After several usage and a few thousand shutter counts, im getting used to the buttons.
6) So far I'm satisfied with my shots (except some outdoor shots which is quite cacated due to my skills, haha). Indoor low light shooting is fine for me (maybe not up to other people's standard, I dont know la). And ISO 1600 is still very much acceptable.
7) It uses SD cards. Meaning i can share memory cards with my Panasonic. And SD cards can be read by most new laptops.

But my gripe about the whole system is:
1) Not many people using Pentax. So I cant borrow lens/accessories and more difficult to get second hand lens because Pentax users seldom sell off their stuff.
2) It's just not famous enough for people to know. Like if you say you use a Canon, everybody will go 'ooh', even the budak tepi jalan who knows nuts about photography. Say Pentax and I bet you even some so called professionals and semi pros also might not heard about it.

And now that Canon has produced the 450D, which runs on SD cards, has live view function and is selling for RM29xx for kit (IS lens, mind you) + a whole lot of freebies, it is not normal not to think about it. That's so value for money (if you have that kind of money). if I had not bought the Pentax, I would definitely buy this one. But then again.....I dont quite fancy Canon DSLRs.

But whatever it is, 450D, 500D, D80, D80s what not, I'm already married to Pentax system and I'll stick to it until the day comes when I just cannot bear to live with it anymore. That would mean a divorce, which is painfully expensive and I am not looking forward for it. Till then, I'll just have to focus myself on Mark Dimalanta, a surf photographer who takes super surfing shots with a Pentax. If he can do it, why can't I? Defy the odds and I'll be able to make it with my humble little camera.

Perhaps I need to spend more time with it.


mark dimalanta said...

wow, i'm flattered that i was mentioned in your blog. sometimes the dilemma of greener pastures makes one want to look over the fence. i have used several systems, but i just love pentax. those who have been in the industry long enough still revere the history and contributions made by pentax. its the new generation y, that is so inundated with C or N. believe me, they are all great brands, you just have to use what works best for you.

as for pentax, keep an eye out on their september announcements at photokina. something tells me that the industry will start buzzing again around the little camera company that really could!

cheers, ask me for advice on anything, anytime!

mark d.

Tina K said...

OMG, I should be the one flattered to see a comment by you in my humble blog! Indeed it is good to hear from a fellow pentaxian, and to see great shots being taken with our humble Pentax. I appreciate your shots and wish that someday I would be able to produce stunning images with my Pentax too.

Keep up the good work Mark!