Saturday, May 24, 2008

On A Day Like Today

It is such a sin to make us work on Saturdays.

I am not a salesperson in a retail outlet.
I am not a waitress in a restaurant
I am not even in the customer service line.
I am not an engineer.
I am not on standby for emergencies.

On Saturday afternoons like this, when all the heart thinks is the evening and the weekend, it is just not productive to make us work till 5. If there are major emergencies and urgencies, then OK la, I would stay back till evening. I concede on that. But on a normal Saturday like today, the mood is just NOT there. Lagi, both bosses are not around. And the office is so quiet. I think everyone also dont have the mood.

I want to go home.
I want to rest.
I wanna sleep.
I wanna go shopping.
I wanna meet up with friends who dont go out at night.
I wanna go for a trip and take photographs.
I wanna try out some outdoor activities.

I wanna break free!

Oh btw, there have been some rodent intrusion in the office. I have seen it running past my colleague's table and plenty of physical evidence to the presence of the rather fat and huge rat.

Like rat shit.
And my colleague's kacang putih, biscuits and M&M was ransacked and eaten by the rat.
So far the rat has not disturbed my food. At least not bite into my kacang putih packet in the drawer. But they sure do shit a lot on my table, my side table and my back table. Also my boss's table. Luckily their shit is not wet.

I must do something about this before it becomes an infestation and breeding ground for various diseases. Heck, I just dont want to imagine that my keyboard is a playground for them! I pretend not to notice the small 3-fingered footprints on my dusty keyboard...Ignorance is bliss, eh?

Any suggestions on how to KILL them?


Chong HM said...

tina, 2008 is year of the Rat~~
my grandma told me tat tak boleh kill tikus de..
nanti bad luck ler…

Petrina said...

...sounds bad. did you complain to the office manager at your place - i think they should be better equipped to handle such matters.