Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ISO Audit

It's time for some housekeeping!

I tell you, modern busy working people only do housekeeping when:
1) shifting/leaving the office/table, when he/she is forced to pack up and clear the table/office
2) its the time of the year when those ISO audit guys are coming, when he/she is forced to frantically look for misplaced documents and file them up accordingly.

I always knew rats and cockroaches could live for generations at the pile of papers at my main table, my side table, the second tier of my side table, my back table, the chairs which I put on the other side of the table, the box next to that chair AND the other chair which is quite a distant to me but nevertheless, still proved itself to be useful for me to dump some files on. Oh, and the drawers beneath my main table =) Gosh, I have so much storage space but still, it is never enough for me! The real culprit is not the files, really, its the PAPERS which I should have disposed off, and some which should have filed in a long time ago. I admit I am a messy person by nature, but 'time' and 'work' also must take some responsibility in my failure to clear up the mess on my table =). Damn, I hate housekeeping work!

*I'm taking a short breather from my filing work to blog, hehe*

OK la, back to work! Hope the ISO guys wouldnt notice the lack of, er.. meticulous filing =)

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Petrina said...

yup. housekeeping can be a pain. and every office has its fair share of cockroaches. heaven knows how many i've killed so far since i started work...

have fun ya, and take care. been ages since we last met up. :P