Friday, May 16, 2008

I Remember Why I Hated Acuvue

1) It is soft. Too soft. To the point that I cannot even rub my eyes without having the lens moving around to where it should not be (ie the top, side or back of the eyeball)

2) It sticks very loosely to the eye. Contact lens are supposed to have contact with the eye, dammit.

3) Since it does not stick, it gets dry very easily. And because it doesnt stick, applying eye drops would make it even more loose, to the point of dropping off my eye.

4) Contact lens should not feel like its there sticking on the eye. But not so with Acuvue- you'll be constantly reminded that you are wearing contact lenses and I better not be moving my eyes too much or risk losing the lens either to the ground or the back of the eye.

I hate Acuvue, I hate Acuvue, I hate Acuvue. My left eye is on Soflens and the right one is on Acuvue simply because the shop that I went to did not have Soflens of my right eye power and I was desparate to get a pair because I've ran out of stock at home.

Total ban for Acuvue after this.

*ps: This post only reflects the personal view and experience of the author with Acuvue. It may differ from one indivudual to another.

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