Saturday, May 24, 2008

On A Day Like Today

It is such a sin to make us work on Saturdays.

I am not a salesperson in a retail outlet.
I am not a waitress in a restaurant
I am not even in the customer service line.
I am not an engineer.
I am not on standby for emergencies.

On Saturday afternoons like this, when all the heart thinks is the evening and the weekend, it is just not productive to make us work till 5. If there are major emergencies and urgencies, then OK la, I would stay back till evening. I concede on that. But on a normal Saturday like today, the mood is just NOT there. Lagi, both bosses are not around. And the office is so quiet. I think everyone also dont have the mood.

I want to go home.
I want to rest.
I wanna sleep.
I wanna go shopping.
I wanna meet up with friends who dont go out at night.
I wanna go for a trip and take photographs.
I wanna try out some outdoor activities.

I wanna break free!

Oh btw, there have been some rodent intrusion in the office. I have seen it running past my colleague's table and plenty of physical evidence to the presence of the rather fat and huge rat.

Like rat shit.
And my colleague's kacang putih, biscuits and M&M was ransacked and eaten by the rat.
So far the rat has not disturbed my food. At least not bite into my kacang putih packet in the drawer. But they sure do shit a lot on my table, my side table and my back table. Also my boss's table. Luckily their shit is not wet.

I must do something about this before it becomes an infestation and breeding ground for various diseases. Heck, I just dont want to imagine that my keyboard is a playground for them! I pretend not to notice the small 3-fingered footprints on my dusty keyboard...Ignorance is bliss, eh?

Any suggestions on how to KILL them?

Friday, May 16, 2008

I Remember Why I Hated Acuvue

1) It is soft. Too soft. To the point that I cannot even rub my eyes without having the lens moving around to where it should not be (ie the top, side or back of the eyeball)

2) It sticks very loosely to the eye. Contact lens are supposed to have contact with the eye, dammit.

3) Since it does not stick, it gets dry very easily. And because it doesnt stick, applying eye drops would make it even more loose, to the point of dropping off my eye.

4) Contact lens should not feel like its there sticking on the eye. But not so with Acuvue- you'll be constantly reminded that you are wearing contact lenses and I better not be moving my eyes too much or risk losing the lens either to the ground or the back of the eye.

I hate Acuvue, I hate Acuvue, I hate Acuvue. My left eye is on Soflens and the right one is on Acuvue simply because the shop that I went to did not have Soflens of my right eye power and I was desparate to get a pair because I've ran out of stock at home.

Total ban for Acuvue after this.

*ps: This post only reflects the personal view and experience of the author with Acuvue. It may differ from one indivudual to another.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Temptations and Infidelity...

The flesh is weak. The mind is even weaker. And more often than not, I find myself coveting, to the point of wanting to leave the one I have whom I consciously decided to attach myself with, despite the knowledge that it may have some shortcomings and the fact that it is not famous as compared to others in the market.

Unlike its other cousins who are more outstanding, famous and downright mean, my Pentax is humble but power packed with good features. But the heated discussions and reviews about the poor autofocus adherent to all Pentax DSLRs is begining to wear me down mentally. And also the promising words that I hear from people from the other side (C & N)...makes we wanna jump ship and get rid of my Pentax.

But when I start entertaining such thoughts (I still do!), I will focus on things that got me hooked in the first place. And instantly I fall in love again with my Pentax.

1) it's got built in Shake Reduction while other famous brands (C & N) dont. Hah. They have to buy lens that have such function, which means more $$
2) it runs on AA batteries. So no fear of proprietary batteries dying halfway through shooting. And I love my Eneloops too. They just dont die. =)
3) I've read somewhere that Pentax is a poor man's Leica. (How consoling! Nobody ever gave such a credit to C & N, hehe)
4) For a beginner level DSLR, the K100Ds is weighty enough and looks pretty mean to an average person.
5) After several usage and a few thousand shutter counts, im getting used to the buttons.
6) So far I'm satisfied with my shots (except some outdoor shots which is quite cacated due to my skills, haha). Indoor low light shooting is fine for me (maybe not up to other people's standard, I dont know la). And ISO 1600 is still very much acceptable.
7) It uses SD cards. Meaning i can share memory cards with my Panasonic. And SD cards can be read by most new laptops.

But my gripe about the whole system is:
1) Not many people using Pentax. So I cant borrow lens/accessories and more difficult to get second hand lens because Pentax users seldom sell off their stuff.
2) It's just not famous enough for people to know. Like if you say you use a Canon, everybody will go 'ooh', even the budak tepi jalan who knows nuts about photography. Say Pentax and I bet you even some so called professionals and semi pros also might not heard about it.

And now that Canon has produced the 450D, which runs on SD cards, has live view function and is selling for RM29xx for kit (IS lens, mind you) + a whole lot of freebies, it is not normal not to think about it. That's so value for money (if you have that kind of money). if I had not bought the Pentax, I would definitely buy this one. But then again.....I dont quite fancy Canon DSLRs.

But whatever it is, 450D, 500D, D80, D80s what not, I'm already married to Pentax system and I'll stick to it until the day comes when I just cannot bear to live with it anymore. That would mean a divorce, which is painfully expensive and I am not looking forward for it. Till then, I'll just have to focus myself on Mark Dimalanta, a surf photographer who takes super surfing shots with a Pentax. If he can do it, why can't I? Defy the odds and I'll be able to make it with my humble little camera.

Perhaps I need to spend more time with it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ISO Audit

It's time for some housekeeping!

I tell you, modern busy working people only do housekeeping when:
1) shifting/leaving the office/table, when he/she is forced to pack up and clear the table/office
2) its the time of the year when those ISO audit guys are coming, when he/she is forced to frantically look for misplaced documents and file them up accordingly.

I always knew rats and cockroaches could live for generations at the pile of papers at my main table, my side table, the second tier of my side table, my back table, the chairs which I put on the other side of the table, the box next to that chair AND the other chair which is quite a distant to me but nevertheless, still proved itself to be useful for me to dump some files on. Oh, and the drawers beneath my main table =) Gosh, I have so much storage space but still, it is never enough for me! The real culprit is not the files, really, its the PAPERS which I should have disposed off, and some which should have filed in a long time ago. I admit I am a messy person by nature, but 'time' and 'work' also must take some responsibility in my failure to clear up the mess on my table =). Damn, I hate housekeeping work!

*I'm taking a short breather from my filing work to blog, hehe*

OK la, back to work! Hope the ISO guys wouldnt notice the lack of, er.. meticulous filing =)

Seasons In The Sun

"We had joy, we had fun, we had Seasons in the sun
But the hills that we climbed were just Seasons out of time"
extracted from Terry Jack's Season in The Sun, 1974.

I'm feeling the blues again. Another mass exodus to the Middle East. And all of them I consider are good friends. The feeling is weird, I feel sad to see them leave but at the same time, I could feel the excitement and uncertainty in their hearts as they countdown the days they have in Malaysia. Leaving the country is a gamble- you dont know waht awaits you at the end of your new voyage. Heck, you dont even know how you will begin! But if you dont take up that gamble, you wouldn't know the outcome, would you?

I sometimes wish I could work overseas too. I could if I wanted to but there are so many things in life that I cannot leave behind. Part of me wants to venture out to see the other side of the world and I know that I can go in just a click of the mouse (now that quantity surveyors are very much in demand in the Middle East and the offers available are so attractive one would be silly not to consider any, eh?). But the dark side of me, the more domineering one is just not ready to leave. (isnt the dark always more alluring? I ain't talking about Nikon, btw why is Nikon known as the dark side??) Haih.

Anyway, rants aside. To all my friends who are leaving to the land of sand and surf under the sun, I wish u all the best. And please, spare me a decent room when I drop by for a visit (if I ever do... nowadays flying to London is cheaper than to Middle East, with Air Asia promising return fares as low as RM1200!). In return of your hospitability, I'll bring you wantan mee, bakuteh , charsiew pau and anything pork ok? Hehe. Bon Voyage!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Two Down, Two More To Go

It has been two years, and another two to go!

I'm counting down the remaining days of my bond. Two years is certainly not a short period of time, although I personally didnt feel like I have been in the workforce for 2 years.

As usual, when I past certain milestones in my life, I will take some time to reflect on the past, and of course, that comes with a great deal of "I wish it wasnt so..." and "I should have...". Life has been okay, bittersweet I would say. There were days when I would feel so rewarded to do what I am doing, and there were many more days when I wish I was doing something else. The vicous cycle has not end, but right now, I have learnt to be more accepting of the situation rather than always trying to run away from reality, which often were futile efforts.

Having said that does not mean that I want to remain in this line forever. Ive yet to chart my career path; still indecisive of what to do next and wishing that I can make good money from a passion I've yet to discover. But life is not all bad here. Ive had my share of good times with the company. Like, I've had the opportunity to hike up Gunung Ledang and venture into normally prohibited spots on the hill. And to deliver a speech in front of Dato Fong Chan Oon, the then Human Resource Minister. I've also learnt a fair bit of events management, organising trips and outings for staff (which could be hell lot of problems) and also, opportunities to take photographs of events and games, which do not come to normal people under ordinary circumstances. Well, at least, I can cross out events management from my 'potential fields to work in the future'. So less one headache =)

On a more job-related side, I've had the once in a blue moon opportunity to actually be involved in serious legal disputes between the company and some sub contractors. Not every dispute will end in such a 'big' way, so I consider myself lucky to be in a place where I can learn from this er, misfortune. It's not easy work but its a good experience ground for me.

So after two years here, I did ask myself one question. After all the pain and tears, is it worthwhile to go on? I honestly dont know and very much lost and confused. But at least, I dont have the opportunity to derail from dellusion, thanks to the bond that has bolted my feet on the ground. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. No? We'll see in two years time. =)