Monday, April 14, 2008

Yo, I'm Connected!!

PETALING JAYA, 14 April 2008: Titanium, a blog owned and written by a young surveyor, finally made its maiden voyage into the world of night surfing. With the addition of a new RM2K DELL, friends of Titanium will be able to read more updates in the future.

" Your blog seems dead to me" commented one of Titanium's friend. This will not be an issue anymore now that Titanium doesnt have to steal time from office to update the blog.

" I am so glad that I finally got myself a laptop with wireless connection. I have so much to write with so little time because previously my only window to the internet was through my office desktop, of which I could only use before or after office hour for personal purpose" commented Titanium.

Those who are interested in reading the blog can log on to

1 comment:

Petrina said...

apasal the new blog tadak any content?

and ... Do come for My Call to the Bar!! :) want to meet up with you next week...think you can make it?
let me know what day's good for you k,