Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

This is my first movie in 8-9 months, the last being probably Transformers or Spiderman 3, I forgot. Yes, its been THAT long.
I'm glad to see Jet Li back on the silver screen. I missed him in The Warlords, which I somehow didnt get to watch and now he's back with The Forbidden Kingdom, alongside with another kungfu star Jackie Chan.
2 Great Kungfu Icons in 1 movie. How interesting!
But no, personally I think the movie is quite crappy- the lead white boy (Micheal Angarano, who the heck he was) seems more small alongside big names like Jet Li and Jackie Chan, and the two chicnese chicks are worse- one like an ah lian at from TARC who hangs out at Sungai Wang Plaza and another looks like she just came out from some Video Game. To be honest, I can really figure out what exactly was the role of the girls, especially Sparrow (the ah lian). She doesnt fight very well, she doesnt contribute much to the storyline and the only thing she does was playing the er hu and fight with ...? I dont know, I think her role was created so as to add some 'spices' to the otherwise male-dominated movie.
But then again, the reason why this movie was ever produced was just to bring together both Jet Li and Jackie Chan in 1 movie, and I must say that they did not disappoint a bit. They put up spectacular fight scenes, one after another, showcasing moves and stances from so many divisions of kungfu. Both we holding different roles, yet their roles are very distinctive of their nature- I mean, Jackie Chan as the witty Drunken Immortal and Jet Li as the Silent Monk. Jackie has always played the funny and playful kungfu er, practitioner while Jet has always played the serious and more calm roles in all their films, separately. I was in awe, I admit, when I saw them fighting with each other in the movie. Spectacular show of martial arts from 2 of the greatest kungfu icons in history.
My verdict: Watch it only for the showcase of kungfu from Jet and Jackie. The rest are just the relish in the hotdog, they are there just as a fillers. If you are not into kungfu anf action movies, this movie is not for you.

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CruelAngel said...

why only kwai lol become starring!