Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Safety Helmet Issue

The guards told me that my safety helmet broke last night. And out of fear, the night guards threw it away.

Its downright illogical.

I personally put my helmet ON the table IN the guardhouse before I left instead of leaving it at the counter for the guards to put it in for me. I wanted to ensure that the helmet will not go missing again. I've had a couple of experiences with disappearing helmet, in which I found back the helmet in both occassion (it was the same helmet). But this time, its what, BROKEN?

Wait a minute. Something is not right here. My safety helmet comes with a SIRIM stamp which means it should not break easily. I have smashed my helmet on the ground a few times and the only thing that broke was the plastic insole, which is easily replaceable. The only way to break it, I supposed would be to drive a car (or in the case of a construction site, a forklift?) over it. Which is impossible because we all know that helmets have no legs, and it cant 'walk' out from the INSIDE of the guardhouse on to the road.

And they dont even have the broken pieces to show it to me.

I have given many chances and this time, I will not be silent.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Elections At The Kampung

Hand painted banners hung on coconut trees and chain fencings. Walking around the taman with a DSLR did attract people, mostly curious kampung folks, wondering which press I'm working for ;p

Sorry for overexposed pictures. Still learning and have not gotten the setting and PP right. The blog remains politically neutral (tho the author may have her own preference).