Monday, February 04, 2008

Behold, A New Look!

I'm giving the blog a new outlook this year! Yes, i know that it's already February but its never too late for a change!

This year, I'm gonna make a change in the blog. No more complaints, and no ranting. No sudden outburst of anger towards rich tai-tai driving slow pots on the road. And no I-feel-so-blue entries here. Those, I will leave to myself, perhaps will write it down somewhere else. I'm older and supposedly wiser now...

And what will you get here?

Anything other than those stated above. Product/music reviews, travelogues, event coverage, yada yada yada...Basically a whole lot of nonsensical stuff here. But I promise not to bore you with too much of junk food. Will have some substantial topics here as well. On God. On politics *case sensitive*, my 2 cents worth on social issues. Ah, an also, expect to see more photos and photojournalistic entries this year as I learn the art of photography. My works may not be as great as the works of Micheal Yamashita, but I will work through it lah.

OK la, got to work now. Talk later. Happy Chinese New Year to all!