Monday, January 07, 2008


*updated with pictures*

It's not a good feeling to be caught in a road accident. To be more precise, a three-car collision and you're car number two. Front kena, back also kena. Sigh.

I'm not going to talk much about the accident because it was a very ordinary case under very normal accident-inducing circumstances - rainy evening, traffic jam, one dumbo didnt stop, ram into my car causing me to budge and hit the front car (which was a cab), caused a small traffic jam, and an hour later, we were at the police station reporting the incident. See, very normal accident SOPs.

The plate number was darkened on purpose. No, it was not harmed in the accident.

I'm gonna talk about my observations about accidents instead.

1. Workshop agents will appear from nowhere in no time. So are tow trucks. They swarm the place like bees at their bee hives.
2. They also can be found at the police station. They may be helpful (which I appreciate a lot) but you've got to be hard hearted if you really, really want to send your car to YOUR mechanic instead of to any of them.

These days, you've got to be vary of strangers. I've heard stories of how innocent accident victims got conned and 'robbed' of their spare parts and all.

3. Not all cops are bad, some are pretty nice. This time around, I met both. The lady at the counter who shall not be named here has to really brush up on her people skill. Like, she could at least talk properly to the people she attends to? Mesra, cepat dan betul, yah rite! But the sarjan was pretty good lah, the opposite of that woman at the counter.

4. I just found out that if you are driving someone else's car and was involved in an accident, the owner of the car will be slapped with an additional RM400 summon on top of the usual RM300 summon.

I've yet to settle all the insurance claims and all, hopefully I will know if I'll have to part with RM 700 or not...In the meantime, my baby will have to stay at the workshop until Thursday for some extensive knocking and repainting =(

Cannot. Open. Bonnet.

*just a note: Actually, I think, the Iswara isnt that bad a car after all, a loud crash from the back and all that was damaged at the rear portion was the bumper bracket shifed a little (still can close the boot but have to slam a little harder) and a few scratches. The front was a little dented but the vehicle still could run fine.


Cruel Angel said...

The important things is that you are OK!

Yeah Proton cars has improve a bit after so many complain. IT might not be the best but its still useable.

Petrina said...

gosh. i hope you're feeling all right, and that your insurance claims will come through quickly.
take care ok!

(was shocked to hear about this incident. really!)