Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Maybe I Was Wrong

I so wanted to organise an outdoor adventure for the people. I negotiated the best price - RM 145 for a day of Rock Climbing, Waterfall Abseil, Flying Fox, River Hike and High Ropes Course. I was hoping that there will be outgoing people to follow me for this trip. I deliberately chose a Sunday so that those who work on Saturdays could come along. And instead of having some kind of class, I planned a hands-on outdoor activity at a natural area for maximum enjoyment and value-for-money. And the course that the facilitating company offered is one that is suitable for beginners and advanced alike, so there's nothing to worry about. Since the young guys in the company want something challenging, I thought they would respond positively to this activity.

That was what I thought. I was wrong.

Perhaps it was money. I tried to get a better deal but that was already the BEST. There are bigger issues than money, such as safety, which I cannot compromise. And it is true that the more money you pay, the better service you will get. I've fought for subsidy but to no avail. I cant possibly give out for FREE, what nonsense is this. If everybody only wants freebies, then perhaps they should just live in charity homes.

I am really on the verge of giving up doing what I do for the company. Perhaps, the previous guy would do a better job than me. Whatever, I am sick and tired of complaints after complaints on 'you should do this' and 'you should do that' from various people. Hey, I need to plan activities for a wide span of people, not just one group OK. For the young, for the old. Single and famili-ed. Fit and not-so-fit. Outgoing and the boring. It's really not easy for me. I have concluded that NO MORE OUTDOORS for the company.

This rock climbing will be cancelled. But the deal is so good I felt wasted to throw it away. Perhaps all my other friends would be interested to join me for a day at the hills? But then again, knowing them all, I dont think anyone would wanna sweat themselves like I do. Sad but this is reality.


Cruel Angel said...

You can never satisfy everyone, at least you try. Take the lesson and move on, you lose nothing but learn a lot of things.

Anonymous said...

Can i join ur rock climbin?
i think those ppl think too much..no pain no risk no gain..right..dun give them a damn..i'm supporting u from here..


Petrina said...

heya. take care k. and as your other friends have said, hang in there. i know how much effort you put into getting all this up so be proud of yourself.

and ... you will always have my support! see you round again...

Anonymous said...

Tina, the planned program was really good & not that expensive (5 in 1 woo). Should I was in our motherland......

Perhaps our people really calculative about RM compared to new experience, or so busy.

Be good super-super-super junior!


Zara~AB said...

This wuz the programme tat i can't wait for! but, unfortunately, im having a class on tat day! is damn way so cheap! RM145 (sangat-sangat murah key), when my officemates open the iportal and told me about the thing, sedih gile coz its clash wit my class. uwarghh! I think, we shud do it for our own la Tina! no more club.