Monday, January 21, 2008

Free Laptop

I hope I will win. My crap PC which I bought second-hand many years ago from a lousy supplier (sorry to the family members of the supplier who might be reading this entry- I just cant help but to mention how disappointed I was when I found out that the PC he sold me was a piece of junk, only 30G HD and 215 and hangs everytime I log in. Not to mention that the Microsoft Excel just doesnt work anymore despite several re-installations and re-boots. For RM1K, that's a ripoff. And I dont even want to think of installing any new programmes such as Photoshop coz the piece of slow mo wont be able to take it. Darn!)

*adjusts from a frawn to a smile*

Now where did I stop...Yah, the winning the laptop thing. Please, please, let me win!

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