Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008 *Warning: Extremely Long Post*

It's precisely 10.00pm now and in a coupla hours, the year 2008 will end.

The countdown will begin soon.
The revellers will cheer.
The fireworks will be displayed in fullness of glory.
The cars on the road will go beserk.

And I am at home waiting to catch the fireworks from both Curve and 1U. With my camera of course. Did my research, practised a few long exposures, cleaned my lens, fixed the tripod, checked the batteries and I will be ready when the time comes. Cross my fingers and hope I will get at least ONE sharp picture.

Anyway, that's about the activity for the night.

So what does 2009 await and how has 2008 faired? Well, looking back, I think the year had not been too kind to me. Though I would say I had good times travelling to Sandakan, being part of some major events committee, bought my first DSLR and ventured into photography, I still would say, I wish the bigger part of the year had been great too. Unfortunately that bigger part consisted of work, work and work.

I wanted to serve at Crossroads Community Centre but I cant commit because I work full day every Saturday.
I wished I had more time with mum everytime she comes by but I cant because I work until 7 something every freaking day and reach home only around 8-ish, of which she would have finished dinner and already started watching TV.
I wish I could travel to places every weekend to improve my photography. But I cant since the only weekend I get is Sunday and Sunday mornings are consecrated for God. By the time church and lunch is over, it would have been 2 or 3 pm and all I want to do is sleep till evening comes.
I wish I could travel for work, see. learn, feel and do different stuff rather than being stuck at one sucky place ALL THE TIME and repeat the same mundane work EVERY SINGLE DAY.

In all honesty, I have began to resent my work. I. Need. A. Change. Work is eating up my life and the relationships I have with people around me. And I dont give two damns about my amortised value with the company now. Perhaps its a case of burnt out. Or lost of passion. Either way, I really need some fresh air before I suffocate and die a slow and painful death.

Suddenly teringat pulak a song that descibes my situation very well.
"So where is the passion when you need it the most
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost..."- Daniel Powter's Bad Day

So now that 2009 is peeping close behind the door, I have many, many wishes for the year ahead. God must help me. I have no other choice but to depend on Him. I dont ask for gold and riches, but something that I have been longing to do in my heart while I am still young and single. I wont disclose what is it here but I'll let this be something between God and I. We'll see. I hope that this time of next year, the atmosphere of my year review entry will be significantly different...

But just for the fun of it, since I am already in the Fifth Gear in writing this entry, I'd like to share some mimpi siang that I have been secretly harboring everyday. It's about my dream life.

If money isnt an issue, I would like to travel to say, Israel (please dont stone me O Government of Malaysia. And I am still too young to live in ISA) for a soul searching trip. Live a simple life. Take photographs everyday for myself and for others. Taste the sweetness of fruits and honey. Smell the scent of the flowers and fresh grasses. Relearn the beauty of life.

OK lah, already talk so much here. Time to prepare myself for tonight's shoot. Another 1 hour to go....So before I log off, here's wishing all of you, my dear friends


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Emperor Shih Huang Ti Says

*in a deep voice*

Merry Christmas


Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Date From AD

Marriage of a date, chocolate and almond = bliss.
Thanks EC for the items. This is the last piece in the fridge =D

More Minimo

Taken with the Minimo at Jaya One.
Actually, the images are much duller. But not bad, only took a few seconds to adjust the curves and viola! the colours are much richer, saturated and contrasty. Not bad for a RM150 AAA-run keychain camera.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It Rained

There wasnt a minute that it wasnt raining in the past two days. Which was a holiday weekend. Which I had made some plans but couldnt materialised because it was raining and the sky was overcast all the time.

But the most men-geram-kan thing is...this morning's weather was super fine, the sun was beautiful, the sky was blue..but its a working day. Cis!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

My Babies Are Home!

Nope, I'm still single with no kids.

1. My D80 is discharged with minor internal problems only. PC adjusted (whatever that means, I am by no means knowledgable about stuff like this) and firmware updated (that I know, at least). Just played with it for a while and saw some very interesting features being uploaded with that new firmware.

Will experiment it tomorrow =))

2. Lenny is back and so is my Lumix! Yaey! So I will still be able to take that candid self portrait again! The DSLR is good but when it comes to candid narcissistic shots, the Lumix does a better job simply because its light, simple to use and...memang meant for it.

3. Ok lah, not to forget my Minimo. Tried it out today at Jaya One with overcast skies and the results were...err...let's just say they need some enhancement in the digital darkroom. But its excusable because its supposed to be a digital Lomo.

And since I am forced to take leave on Raya Haji, what better things to do than to drive down to Port Dickson and capture some beautiful seaside sunrise sunset shot? I have not tried taking these shots seriously and I hope it will not rain and the sky will be blue.


1. Shoot landscape of sea, sun, sand
2. Try panorama shot. Few frames, later stiched in photoshop.
3. Try HDR something (not pseudo HDR)

Dont la rain or even overcast.....

Friday, November 28, 2008


Desa Kuda Lari

Lomography has never been something I am particularly passionate about. But what the heck la, since the Minimo Digital Lomo keychain camera is so cheap (for a camera), I dont mind indulging in easy snapshots and justifying them as being 'artistic'. Why? Simply because its a lomo and lomos are supposed to look like that, if not more distorted.

Will put in more snapshots later. And also a picture of that Minimo thing that I just bought.

I am happy to be snapping again!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Back To Basics

Backlane at Bukit Nanas. Shot with my simple Panasonic Lumix FX01.

Im stripped bare with no canggih manggih DSLR and only a partially broken PnS to survive.

But its not necessarily a bad thing.

Sometimes, when we are left with much to be desired, even the simple things in life can work wonders. Same application for photography. Sometimes we photograpraze (photography crazy) are so engrossed with getting the right settings, exposures etc that we forget that its all about the moment and the beauty of the subject we wish to shoot.

Just some thoughts. Wanted to put in my xanga site but the stupid streamyx took ages to load, might as put it here before I lose every ounch of inspiration. And patience.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2-3 Weeks

Is the time needed for Nikon Service Centre to produce a diagnostic results for my D80.

My heart dropped when I heard it on the phone.

Bleeds at the prospect of NOT having any photographic tool for the weekend. And the next couple of weeks.

Sooooo tempted to starve myself this December and buy a used D40 just to satisfy my lust for photography. Which is roughly RM1K now.

But to think back, I dont use my D80 that often, other than when I go for shoots, or when I go travelling. On normal days, I hardly even touch it. But the burning desire to take photographs is constantly on my mind; if I were a guy, and NOT working on regular hours, I would set myself on a photographic quest alone at 4.30am, capturing the beautiful sunrise by the beach or in the forest. Or I would go to Port Klang on a Saturday night to shoot the passing ships and waves.

That's the dream life, which unfortunately, I cant live up to due to safety and other social stigma. Sigh. But I sure will if I have the opportunity.

Anyway, back to my camera and the agony...So here I am back on the streets with a search for a replacement killer...with a low price tag, somewhere below Rm500.. With that kind of budget and a fussy eye, my options are few. I'm even thinking of getting a Minimo, that cute little keychain sized Lomo camera. So cute, small and cheap, I can buy it NOW. But, Lomography isnt my kind of photography and I dont know if I will use it for long or not. But but but.....its cheap. And cheap is good.

We'll see how la. Damn itchy hands adi, I NEED A CAMERA NOW!

*ps: btw I uploaded a pic in my xanga site. Hehe

*latest update: I found the charger for the slightly defected Oly mju 700! Yaey! Though the anti shake is not working, cant focus in certain modes, and have some other malfunctions, but the heck la, at least I can shoot!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Masuk Hospital

I saw a green dot at the LCD screen at the body. Snapped a few more pictures. The dot was still there. Changed the lenses and memory card. Still there. Zoom in the image and pan to the left, right, top, bottom....the green dot followed suit.

Feeling a little suspicious that the problem could be more than just a dead pixel at the LCD, I had no choice but the send in my baby for a diagnosis and further medication after a full checkup has been done.

I hope its nothing major. The medical report will be out only in 10 days....Sigh. I love my D80 and I feel so helpless without it by my side. Even more so because my small Lumix has accompanied my friend to Amsterdam and it'll be there for 3 weeks.

So I'm officially camera-less. =( Feeling disorientated and lost already.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thank You

I was looking through some costing work in a long lost Floppy Disk given by my ex-colleague and friend Alan who is happily working in Dubai now. It's been 2 years and I had not touched that floppy disc until recently when I had a need for that piece of knowledge that has been hiding in my drawer well away from my sight and the rats.

Of course the information was still very useful to me. But I found something else in the disk.

Dont worry Alan, it's not some pornography pics. =)

It's a poem that you got from somewhere. It is a good one, very relevant to what I am facing now, and reading it gave me peace in my heart. So I'd like to share with all of you these wonderful words of wisdom.

When the door of happiness closes, another opens;
But often times we look so long at the
Closed door that we don't see the one,
Which has been opened for us

Dream what you want to dream;
Go where you want to go;
Be what you want to be,
Because you have only one life
And one chance to do all the things
You want to do.

The brightest future will always
Be based on a forgotten past;
You can't go forward in life until
You let go of your past failures and heartaches.

And this last part, I often forget.

If God brings you to it,
He will bring you through it.
Happy moments, praise God.
Difficult moments, seek God.
Quiet moments, worship God.
Painful moments, trust God.
Every moment, thank God.

Just what I need as I face the quarter-life crisis and wondering what is my next move in life.

Thank you Alan for this cetak rompak poems. =) Also for that balistic game, which I could play when I am bored at home..

Monday, November 10, 2008


The prospects of life. Should I or should I not...?

Image by the late Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Thinking of taking the leap into uncertainty. At least, I wont suffocate to death. But am I willing to make that sacrifice? And to take the risk to walk on a frozen lake?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Not Good

The past few days had been lousy for me.

1. Had to turn down an extremely tempting offer because I am a sucker for relationships and I cant let go of any commitments here. I thought to myself, life better be good here for me. I am sad and painful, but since I have decided to stay, I might as well live with it and not regret in the future. After all, life is more than dollar and cents, although having the extra moolah would be good...hmmm.

2. Been sick yesterday and today. I suspected food poisoning because I didnt have gastric pain and I vomited everything I had for lunch and dinner. I knew it was bad coz vegetables started coming out from my nose and the orange juice that I took couldnt even make it safe into my digestive system. It was extremely gross and painful to my throat and nostrils because solids are not supposed to emerge from the air inlet. But the doctor didnt diagnose me with any stomach problem, in fact he didnt event check my stomach! But nevermind, I still got an MC and it was good considering I was nauseaus all day long and my site office doesnt have a toilet close enough for sudden pukes.

3. I missed the Cobra Rugby 10s last week. Been waiting for it for so long, got myself 7 tickets and in the end, wasted all SEVEN VIP tickets due to unforeseen circumstances. Dang, my heart aches when I think of it, but what to do, there are more important obligations than sitting at the stadium watching men roughing out in the field. I hope next year I will be able to watch it with like-minded people ie rugby/sports fans OR/AND sports photographers.

4. I'm getting tired of doing the never-ending 'external project'. Although it pays pretty well for the type of job that I am supposed to do, but it's taking too much of my 'hobby time'. I miss my camera and cant wait to go out for my next photo shoot. The only consolation I get from doing this job is, $$. Times are hard ya.

Hm..tomorrow will be a new day and I hope the dark clouds will move away. Go.

Darn, I slept too much in the afternoon, I cant sleep now. Perhaps I can try to count sheep. Or read a book about er....banking? Or dream about Daniel Craig? Haha.

Goodnite guys.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It's that time of the year again. Sigh. Appraisals. Honestly, I never liked appraisals- its the time when everybody in the office have to praise themselves and justify why he/she is an extremely useful and excellent worker to the company. It's not a choice, its's a MUST. For survival. And the most sakit thing is, your boss may not see you the way you see yourself, thus giving you lower marks in your appraisal without considering weather what the eyes perceive is the truth or not.

Ah. Forget about those things la. Whatever it is, I still have to put on another layer of Maybelline foundation and boast about myself kau kau. Like an old saying, aim for the moon, even if you fail, you'll fall on stars.


My gripe everyday is the lack of time. So much to do, so little time. Got to finish my home mega project, at the same time, I have loads of pictures to edit. And then, I have some sewing to be done. I also must spend time with my mum. Then there's the annual Rugby 10s this weekend. Next weekend got to meet up with some old friends to discuss our trip back to attend a mutual friend's wedding. And for the wedding, I have to shop for a dress lagi because it's Taiping, and Taiping people dont wear the dresses that I wear in KL. Yada yada yada. Dont know what to do lah now. And on top of that, there's another thing I extremely NEED to do. SLEEEEEEEEP. Panda eyes are popping now and I can see little pimples trying to make its way out of my thin skin. Got to do something before the kids around me start calling me auntie. =(

Doctors out there, please give me an MC.


Got to ciao now. Mentally tired, balik rumah also still have to work. Ta.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Beauty is a feeling.

I find no other instant theraphy for work boredom than appreciating beautiful shots of nature and listening to Andrea Brocelli's Solamente Una Vez. While I dont speak Spanish or Italian or whatever language that is, I do find this song particularly, soothing.

Getting more jiwang these days. =)

And yes, lots of work can lead to boredom, especially if you have been working on the same report in the past couple of days. Thank God this one is finished. One, two, three, four, five, SIX more reports to go before starting another task, more if not equally daunting.

It's 7 now, and yaey, I'm going off soon!

Monday, October 06, 2008


From a week long holiday. Well, almost.

With a week's load of work on my table.

Sambung cerita later, k? Ada gambar, ada macam-macam. Macam biasa, gambar kat titaniumpictures, cerita merapu kat sini iye.

And, before Syawal ends, Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim readers. Dont forget that biskut Cornflakes and lemang dengan serunding. I do take beef =)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Love Songs

Love songs are so easy to like; pleasant to the ears and makes the heart feel all warm and fuzzy.

Love Daniel Powter's latest song, 'Next Plane Home'. If you have seen the video, you'd probably agree with me that this song is indeed very heartwarming and sweet.

Also, I had been listening to some oldies from the likes of Neil Sedaka and Cliff Richard. I have always had a soft spot for oldies, even those dated back to the 50s. I guess I'm a sucker for romantic songs. Songs from the 50s in particular, have so much depth and sincerity in the words, unlike songs from the recent years which almost never fails to include elements of sexual desires and physical appeal. What blasphemy!

Anyway, I love Cliff Richard's 'Constantly'; so beautiful and romantically heartwarming. And Neil Sedaka's 'Laughter in the Rain'. Very relaxing and destressing.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We have been walking in the tunnel for a long, long time. Lead by a group of elites with torches, we walked where they walk. Conviced us that they are doing us good. The tunnel gets darker and darker, the crowd gets breathless by the day. But we did not have a choice. Leaders said we are alright. For 51 years, we believed.

And then came another person, proclaiming that he will take over the torchlight and lead us out of darkness. We believed. We wanted change. We have been lost, disillusioned. We need a reformation. The ride needs to be stopped!

But the Promised Day came. Nothing happened. He was mocked by the current leaders. Liar, they called him. Why would you believe in a liar? Someone who is living in his fantasy? He is not capable of overtaking the torch. No. They have been holding the torch for years, even flame those who oppose their decisions.

We waited, yes we did. For every hour, we tried to peep at the front. Nope, no sight of any change. The torch is still in the same hands. One even re-ignited it with kerosene.

Where's our hero? The 'hero' stayed put at one corner.

Such a frustrating scene.

But what else do we have? What can we bet?

Nothing but the words of the one man who claims he CAN save us all. Hope is still there. Coz if we give up, hope will be gone forever. Another generation will perish with degradation.

Stay put. Dont let your hopes die. We are all in this together.

Monday, September 15, 2008

You Blardy Racist!

Racists, racism and racist remarks are becoming a joke these days.

If an Indian burns a tanglung, we call him 'blardy racist!'
If a Chinese belanja cha siu pau in the office, we call him 'blardy racist!'
If a Malay calls other races immigrants, he's a 'blardy racist!'

It's undeniable that 'Blardy Racist' is the 'in' word now. Jokingly or not.

Looking at the multi-etchnicity properties of our country, I can safely say that what the Gomen portrays is not the truth of what is prevailing in the nation.

Like, we, the citizens are not racists. Of course there are some bad eggs but generally, we tolerate and accept one another pretty well.

I may not be very happy over certain rights reserved to a certain race, but I am never against them because of their entitlement to receive that rights I couldnt get.

I dont condemn my Malay friends for not eating pork. I just feel wasted for them coz they dont get to savor that juicy siew yok from that chinese shop around the corner. But it's their creed so as the flexible, eat-everything one, I will give in and eat whatever they eat whenever I;m out with them. And I'm cool with that.

Likewise, they are cool with me eating char siew rice in front of them, so long I dont touch them with my food.

And my Malay neighbours back in my hometown will push in our laundry to the porch when it rains and we're not at home. And we give them old newspapers for their keropok lekor business. AND the Indian family in front my house will never fail to offer us Deepavali cookies and murukku and mum will give her a lift to town if she happens to see her at the bus stop.

Racism is over-rated. Harmony is undermined.

When we say racism, I think (and I believe everybody knows) that its all politics.

Blardy politicians.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The 'Whatever' Culture

Youths these days are so 'whatever'. Ask them any question, and the answer will most likely be a resounding 'whatever!'. I'm still young myself, but I never really caught into this 'trend' of 'whatever'-ing all my answers. I suspect it has got to do with the fact that I grew up in a small town up north and people there just dont talk and act glam.

Kinda old fashion a lil. OK, maybe it's just me.

But tell me lah, dont you get irritated when you ask somebody "Can I do [insert any suggestion]?" and the answer you get is 'Whatever!". What does that supposed to mean? Yes or no? I would automatically deduced it as a modern uppity way of telling no.

But what about when you asked someone a 'how' question and the answer you get is a 'whatever'? So how? My respond would be: come back another time to ask the same question when that person is not in the MTV mood.

Ah, damn you MTV for poisoning our youths with the 'whatever' culture.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

To The Moon And Back

Contrary to popular belief, sound of it and the glamourousity of the artist who sang it (Savage Garden), it is actually a pretty sad song. Well, at least, in my interpretation.

The song tells about a girl who was not loved by her parents, neglected and possibly abandoned by them. She never knew what love is, never 'felt needed', and befriends other street kids who are equally poor with no moral guidance and survive by crimes. But deep down inside, she longs to be loved, and is willing to do anything, even 'flying to the moon and back' just to have somebody who loves her.

And there's another similar story line in another popular hit by Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Dani California was born poor, possible out of wedlock (my presumption, from the lyricist's description of her 'hippie' mum and 'copper' dad) and she survives by committing crimes like armed robbery and others. She finally died at a young age after she was shot during one of her missions.

I was just thinking of the reality of these two songs. There are many young girls out there, longing to be loved, to live a normal life, and basically, to be accepted.

I wish I could help. Not out of pity, but out of love for humankind. But can I?

Friday, September 05, 2008

Food from Bangladesh

Unglamourous as it may sound and seem, but it tastes pretty good.

Like eating kacang kuda satay.

Thanks to Ali (the office general worker) for his introduction on Bangladesh food, as eaten by the commoners there. =)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Another Bagful of Kacang Putih Campur Murukku

Been rather busy lately. In fact, I think I'm busier now than ever coz the project is progressing rather rapidly. And also, with the new boss (this is the 4th PM for the project. 2 have left and 1 is leaving), work seems to be more hectic because he's rather pushy and fussy. But its not necessarily a bad thing. In constuction, we need people with drive, and are firm, not those who are good in PR but is soft and indecisive.

Ah, welcome to the rowdy world of construction where vulgarity is a norm and table banging is a daily scene in the office and at site.

Since we are talking about work, allow me to rant something for a good 2 minutes, ya?

When will work ever end? The more I do, the more work I have got to finish. Tak habis-habis. Is it just my project QS, or all others are like this also? I wonder lah.

I want a job that gives me freedom to do what I want to do. With flexibility of time. And earns big money. Will I ever find one that fits the requirement? Maybe. But for the time being, macam dont have.

Haih. I guess I'm just stressed out today. Yesterday. The day before yesterday. Last week too. Aargh.


Merdeka. Yes, Selamat (Belated) Hari Merdeka to all Malaysians, PRs & expats living in our beloved country. Though the country administrators suck big time, the traffic condition doesnt get better by the day, inflation is shooting up and the crime rate is alarming, still Malaysia is my home.

Eh, my first line gave me some thoughts. " Malaysians, PRs & expats...". When you hear expats, what do you think of?

Mat Salleh gwailo rite?

It's rather amusing to me how gwailos get the more glamour "expat" title rather than "immigrants" as what the Banglas, Indons and Pakistanis are refered to here. Padahal, all of them are from other lands.

Anyway, seems like I'm off topic again. OK la, I end my Merdeka rant here. And yeah, Happy Merdeka once again, and God bless Malaysia.

A lesson learnt last weekend.

1. If you are planning a trip with the family, with programs and schedules to follow, DONT think of doubling the trip as a photography trip.

It just doesnt work.


Bulan Puasa lagi.

Did a small "to do list" this time around.
1. Mesti puasa
2. Mesti bersahur
3. Tak boleh berdosa
4. Mesti pergi sembahyang terawih.


No la, I'm not Muslim. Just saja-saja pulling your leg. I guess that's the typical resolution for Muslim kids, no?

Anyway, my list is not as 'holy' as that.

1. Must go to one of the pasar ramadans around.
2. Must go to one of the Ramadhan Buffets around.
3. Meet up with my old Muslim friends for buka puasa. Long time no see, must catch up with them.

All food related. Cant help it, I'm Chinese and food is an integral part of our lifestyle. =)


Will write more another time. And hopefully, update my photo blog too.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

How Fragile We Are

That life can be gone in split seconds.

All that you have worked for, is nothing anymore.
The people that you love, no longer there for you.
Death can be a lonely thing. The journey of the afterlife, is yours alone. Until you meet your Maker and the rest of the pack at heaven or hell.

My condolence to the family members of Ali.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

DIY Dream

I like daydreaming. Especially on a Saturday afternoon, approximately around 4pm when the brain just refuse to work and the countdown clock seems to malfunction as well. It's the BEST time to close your Microsoft Excel sheets and stare into the computers and look for ideas for the weekend.

Of late, I have re-ignited my interest in DIY-ing stuff. It all started with me being stingy and wanting to make my own Drybox to keep my camera instead of investing a good RM 300 to buy one. But until today the project still havent jalan, but I will get it done by this week or next la. Then after that, I wanna build a lightbox pulak, for macro photography. But that I will have to wait until I get a flash first. And after the flash, I wanna make some diffusers and bounce cards.. Should be very interesting then =)

Maybe this weekend I will have some time to do some simple DIY works like a stationary box and pen holder which I had been meaning to do for a long time. My office table needs to be re-organised.

The thoughts of this led me to more ambitious DIY projects.

I want to have a garage so that I can do carpentry works. I like to work with wood. I like designing my own furnitures, buying the materials and shaping them to the form that I want. If only I have the place, money and time for this, I would pursue this as a hobby.

But that is probably many many years more to come. I'd better finish up my mini projects first before embarking on bigger plans.

Cheers, it's the weekends again. =)

It Has Been Good

The past one term in the sports club has been good for me.

Not that ALL my activities received overwhelming responds. More often than not, I will be wondering to myself, what went wrong that people dont sign up for the activities. Time? Well, it's all about how you want to spend your weekend. Money? Nothing is free these days, and as much as I pleaded and reasoned, freebies and big subsidies just wont work in the company anymore.

But there were good times too. There were very very supportive people who brought colours into the activities. After all, its all about the people. If they are happy, I am happy too. =)

All in all, I would say the experience I gained was invaluable and have taught me how to handle people and situation better. I have been to places I wouldnt have gone otherwise. Done things I never thought I could. Be right in the middle of the action others could only watch. Met some of the coolest people in the company, made new friends with people from other divisions and even from a faraway region. Rub shoulders with the VIPs. And all these enriched me in many, many ways.

Many thanks to the wonderful guys and girls at the sports club. It's been good working with y'all.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Tell Me, How To Be A Zombie?

I am dead, yet undead.

Was suffocated to death a long time ago. Yet somehow, with all the carbon and hazardous gas in the air, I still managed to survive. I am a walking dead. Living on neither side of the world. Waiting for the time where I will be liberated from all this misery. I know the exact time, but sadly, its still a long way to go. And sadly, I dont see the end to this tunnel of death.

I need strength to move on. Or tonnes of cash to buy my freedom.

*pst: This is a metaphoric entry. And I am not suicidal.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

On A Peaceful Afternoon

No storm, the sun is shining moderately, the sky is blue, the clouds are thick and rain is expected to pour in the evening.

No emails flooding in. Feels very quiet and lonely these days.

But still, it's a peaceful afternoon.

And I am listening to 'Stars' by Simply Red.

Perfect. It would be, if it's a Sunday afternoon. =)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Many DIY Projects To Come

Got to tidy up my office workstation.

Thinking of buying some plastic containers to organise my stationaries properly. And some plastic boxes to keep my stray documents. Also, a proper box to put all the namecards I have collected over the years.

But then again, it will be more fun to build those myself.

See if I can find some scraps at the site that can be used for my new mini projects. =))

The Project (note the capital P) has a new PM btw. And he's a clean freak. Hence, the sudden need to be spick and span, which otherwise I wouldnt be borthered much about.

Will post up the upcome of my new DIYs. If I have the time to load the pics.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's Been A While

The blog is not dead. I'm back.

Had been away from the office (and my only FREE source of internet) for a week. I aint missing work that much really. Just feeling a little disconnected and all dreamy after being away for such a long time.

One week is not much but for my kind of job, even 2 days off is like a big thing for us. Slaves ma. Kalau slaves tarak mari, siapa mau buat all the heavy and dirty job??

Ok la, maybe that was a little exegerated (damn how to spell this word).

So where have I been to for the past week? Another company function at Genting Highlands. Overall the event was OK la, the usual division presentation, Q&A and that corporate stuff la. Did not make it to the casino though, one because I dont gamble and two, because my kakis would rather go for karaoke than casino-ing. And, yeah, karaoke is fun! =)

So that was how I spent last week lah.

Weekend was great too. I got all the rest that I needed for so long... =)

*update: by the time I posted this entry, it would have been a couple of weeks past already.


The Dark Knight is Awesome!

Who said that Batman is nothing without the Joker?

I thought both the Batman and Joker were superb and equally strong in charactor.

Yeah, no doubt Heath Ledger portrayed the Joker as a vicious, phychotic villain with such natural consistency in the movie that you would believe that the Joker acted as the Joker himself. I'd say the best scene for the Joker was the hospital scene. Dont worry, no spoilers here.

Now Batman wasnt bad either. This time around, it wasnt so much on strength and action; you know the usual kicking and jumping and all that usual superhero moves that we expect. The theme for the Batman was really about his emotions, and how he became hero to zero, how he copes with the weighing guilt place upon him, and the loss of friends and loved ones.

Go watch it, I malas elaborate about it. My verdict: recommended with a thumbs up. =)

Waiting for The Mummy Returns now. Just a thought, if I remembered correctly, didnt Jet Li announced that he wanted to quit from acting some 3-4 years ago? Why do I still see him every year? But, what the heck la, I'd rather he continues acting than not. Still my favourite Chinese actor.


Yes, I know, I still hutang you guys (especially my dear friend Alan aka CA who asked me abt my trip to his hometown) my writeup on the Sandakan trip last month. Sorry la, a bit delayed. Coz this kind of entry needs lots of pics. More pics means more time to download. Suffice to say, it was not too bad, could have been better had I been more prepared and well informed. =) Met some new friends there too.


Finally I took the plunge.

After several thoughts and sleepless nights and calculations, I finally decided to jump to Nikon. It's a hard decision to make but I have to let go because of the few miliseconds AF lag which was a big deal for me. I thought it wouldnt borther me but it did.

With low budget and high ambitions, I set out to look for the best deals for a D80 and some lenses. Finally got the necessary gears, all used but in good condition, and at very, very reasonable price.

D80 body + 2 original Nikon batts + Original MD80 battery grip + 3G+256m memory card + a Nikon shoulder bag which I intend to sell later = RM 2350.00

Nikkor 18-70 : RM500.00

Nikkor 55-200 vr : RM600.00

Total expended : RM3450.00 only.

No regrets. D80 banyak syoik leh! And the battery grip also, makes the camera look mean! But of course cannot compare with D3 or even D300 la. Small ciku must start small first.

Ah btw, I've tried the D3 coupled with the 14-24 and it was....superb. But to own and use one, I have to have tonnes of cash and very strong arms.

Think I'll go for a short trip to somewhere near this weekend for a shoot.

My next target item: an SB 600 flash.

Upcoming DIY projects : Time to revive my drybox project once again.


My car spends more than I do everyday.

Parking around KLCC is such a fish. On good days, I would spend an average RM 6.00/day for parking. On bad days, I may have to spend at least RM10 for parking.

These people, the bloodsuckers of KLCC are such a cash greedy lot. And why is the government not doing anything to control them? How can they be allowed to bermaharajalela (no English word can give the 'punch' to that word) at the city's most posh area?

But come to think of it, if I own a piece of land at this area, I might convert it into parking area and charge RM 5.00 for it. Sure laku.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Roadblocks and Politics

Malaysia is getting more and more interesting. First it was the Bersih rally that inspired a host of other public demonstators. Then the Hindraf rally took place. And then suddenly, for every other reasons, people seem to protest publicly, often to no avail.

I'm write as a politically neutral person although I do have my personal take on politics. But save my soul, dont put me in ISA (which is near my house in Taiping, btw). And as someone who is still new and excited about photography, I would love to join in one of the rallies to capture the moments. I have yet to do so, but I am sure there are more to come.

Speaking about rallies, there always be roadblocks. Yesterday there were blocks. Today also. Luckily I'm an early bird, or else I would have been caught in the terrible massive jam at all major roads heading towards the city today.

I often wonder lah, what is the purpose of the roadblocks? To detour demonstrators from their destination? But how effective can this be? I mean, if I am going to participate in a public protest, I am not going to put a banner on my car that says "I am a demonstrator, please arrest me now" right? Adui. I think ah, actually the police should just allow the protestors to go and do whatever they want. All these roadblocks still cant deter them from doing what they have set to do. But the demonstrators also must play their part la. Like dont damage anything, do it peacefully, no children allowed, dont cause traffic jam, dont get into fights with the police. They happy, the cops are happy, and we drivers will be happy too.

Happy driving, and dont stress out today!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sad Songs

To accompany sad times.

Have been feeling gloomy and pensive lately. I'm will not publicise why, suffice to say that I'm heartbroken over something (not relationship, note the emphasis on the word 'thing') and this leaves me with a sense of hopelesness and meaningless. It will take a very long time for the heart to heal, if it ever will. Shattered pieces of glass, how would it ever be a perfect piece of article again?

Am listerning to some old songs from Lifehouse. Sick Cycle Carousel to be exact. I can identify with the lyrics. It's a humbling song, but sometimes a little too humbling to the verge of inducing depression and self-chastising. But I just feel like listening to it over and over again.

How I wish I could fast forward to the future, and escape from the pain and misery of the present times.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back to Reality

Im finally home after 5 days of being away in Sandakan. Too tired to think but nevertheless, still alive and kicking, awake enough to blog at 1.00am on a Wednesday morning. But I wont write much about my trip in tis entry, as the entire experience in the other side of the country deserves an entry of its own.

Just wanted to say that I miss home so much and yes, Sandakan is a nice place to be.

Goodnite and more pictures and written entries to come in the next few days (or even a week).


Monday, June 02, 2008

Down, Down, DOWWWNNN

Connection up, finally!

For the past 5 days, I had been deprived of INTERNET!

No emails. No cyber-snaking. No MSN. Nothing. Total silence. I hate that feeling.

I can live without the net surfing and MSN. But not without email. Especially when there were crucial emails that I need to send there and then itself.

I'm glad that connection is back. =)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

On A Day Like Today

It is such a sin to make us work on Saturdays.

I am not a salesperson in a retail outlet.
I am not a waitress in a restaurant
I am not even in the customer service line.
I am not an engineer.
I am not on standby for emergencies.

On Saturday afternoons like this, when all the heart thinks is the evening and the weekend, it is just not productive to make us work till 5. If there are major emergencies and urgencies, then OK la, I would stay back till evening. I concede on that. But on a normal Saturday like today, the mood is just NOT there. Lagi, both bosses are not around. And the office is so quiet. I think everyone also dont have the mood.

I want to go home.
I want to rest.
I wanna sleep.
I wanna go shopping.
I wanna meet up with friends who dont go out at night.
I wanna go for a trip and take photographs.
I wanna try out some outdoor activities.

I wanna break free!

Oh btw, there have been some rodent intrusion in the office. I have seen it running past my colleague's table and plenty of physical evidence to the presence of the rather fat and huge rat.

Like rat shit.
And my colleague's kacang putih, biscuits and M&M was ransacked and eaten by the rat.
So far the rat has not disturbed my food. At least not bite into my kacang putih packet in the drawer. But they sure do shit a lot on my table, my side table and my back table. Also my boss's table. Luckily their shit is not wet.

I must do something about this before it becomes an infestation and breeding ground for various diseases. Heck, I just dont want to imagine that my keyboard is a playground for them! I pretend not to notice the small 3-fingered footprints on my dusty keyboard...Ignorance is bliss, eh?

Any suggestions on how to KILL them?

Friday, May 16, 2008

I Remember Why I Hated Acuvue

1) It is soft. Too soft. To the point that I cannot even rub my eyes without having the lens moving around to where it should not be (ie the top, side or back of the eyeball)

2) It sticks very loosely to the eye. Contact lens are supposed to have contact with the eye, dammit.

3) Since it does not stick, it gets dry very easily. And because it doesnt stick, applying eye drops would make it even more loose, to the point of dropping off my eye.

4) Contact lens should not feel like its there sticking on the eye. But not so with Acuvue- you'll be constantly reminded that you are wearing contact lenses and I better not be moving my eyes too much or risk losing the lens either to the ground or the back of the eye.

I hate Acuvue, I hate Acuvue, I hate Acuvue. My left eye is on Soflens and the right one is on Acuvue simply because the shop that I went to did not have Soflens of my right eye power and I was desparate to get a pair because I've ran out of stock at home.

Total ban for Acuvue after this.

*ps: This post only reflects the personal view and experience of the author with Acuvue. It may differ from one indivudual to another.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Temptations and Infidelity...

The flesh is weak. The mind is even weaker. And more often than not, I find myself coveting, to the point of wanting to leave the one I have whom I consciously decided to attach myself with, despite the knowledge that it may have some shortcomings and the fact that it is not famous as compared to others in the market.

Unlike its other cousins who are more outstanding, famous and downright mean, my Pentax is humble but power packed with good features. But the heated discussions and reviews about the poor autofocus adherent to all Pentax DSLRs is begining to wear me down mentally. And also the promising words that I hear from people from the other side (C & N)...makes we wanna jump ship and get rid of my Pentax.

But when I start entertaining such thoughts (I still do!), I will focus on things that got me hooked in the first place. And instantly I fall in love again with my Pentax.

1) it's got built in Shake Reduction while other famous brands (C & N) dont. Hah. They have to buy lens that have such function, which means more $$
2) it runs on AA batteries. So no fear of proprietary batteries dying halfway through shooting. And I love my Eneloops too. They just dont die. =)
3) I've read somewhere that Pentax is a poor man's Leica. (How consoling! Nobody ever gave such a credit to C & N, hehe)
4) For a beginner level DSLR, the K100Ds is weighty enough and looks pretty mean to an average person.
5) After several usage and a few thousand shutter counts, im getting used to the buttons.
6) So far I'm satisfied with my shots (except some outdoor shots which is quite cacated due to my skills, haha). Indoor low light shooting is fine for me (maybe not up to other people's standard, I dont know la). And ISO 1600 is still very much acceptable.
7) It uses SD cards. Meaning i can share memory cards with my Panasonic. And SD cards can be read by most new laptops.

But my gripe about the whole system is:
1) Not many people using Pentax. So I cant borrow lens/accessories and more difficult to get second hand lens because Pentax users seldom sell off their stuff.
2) It's just not famous enough for people to know. Like if you say you use a Canon, everybody will go 'ooh', even the budak tepi jalan who knows nuts about photography. Say Pentax and I bet you even some so called professionals and semi pros also might not heard about it.

And now that Canon has produced the 450D, which runs on SD cards, has live view function and is selling for RM29xx for kit (IS lens, mind you) + a whole lot of freebies, it is not normal not to think about it. That's so value for money (if you have that kind of money). if I had not bought the Pentax, I would definitely buy this one. But then again.....I dont quite fancy Canon DSLRs.

But whatever it is, 450D, 500D, D80, D80s what not, I'm already married to Pentax system and I'll stick to it until the day comes when I just cannot bear to live with it anymore. That would mean a divorce, which is painfully expensive and I am not looking forward for it. Till then, I'll just have to focus myself on Mark Dimalanta, a surf photographer who takes super surfing shots with a Pentax. If he can do it, why can't I? Defy the odds and I'll be able to make it with my humble little camera.

Perhaps I need to spend more time with it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ISO Audit

It's time for some housekeeping!

I tell you, modern busy working people only do housekeeping when:
1) shifting/leaving the office/table, when he/she is forced to pack up and clear the table/office
2) its the time of the year when those ISO audit guys are coming, when he/she is forced to frantically look for misplaced documents and file them up accordingly.

I always knew rats and cockroaches could live for generations at the pile of papers at my main table, my side table, the second tier of my side table, my back table, the chairs which I put on the other side of the table, the box next to that chair AND the other chair which is quite a distant to me but nevertheless, still proved itself to be useful for me to dump some files on. Oh, and the drawers beneath my main table =) Gosh, I have so much storage space but still, it is never enough for me! The real culprit is not the files, really, its the PAPERS which I should have disposed off, and some which should have filed in a long time ago. I admit I am a messy person by nature, but 'time' and 'work' also must take some responsibility in my failure to clear up the mess on my table =). Damn, I hate housekeeping work!

*I'm taking a short breather from my filing work to blog, hehe*

OK la, back to work! Hope the ISO guys wouldnt notice the lack of, er.. meticulous filing =)

Seasons In The Sun

"We had joy, we had fun, we had Seasons in the sun
But the hills that we climbed were just Seasons out of time"
extracted from Terry Jack's Season in The Sun, 1974.

I'm feeling the blues again. Another mass exodus to the Middle East. And all of them I consider are good friends. The feeling is weird, I feel sad to see them leave but at the same time, I could feel the excitement and uncertainty in their hearts as they countdown the days they have in Malaysia. Leaving the country is a gamble- you dont know waht awaits you at the end of your new voyage. Heck, you dont even know how you will begin! But if you dont take up that gamble, you wouldn't know the outcome, would you?

I sometimes wish I could work overseas too. I could if I wanted to but there are so many things in life that I cannot leave behind. Part of me wants to venture out to see the other side of the world and I know that I can go in just a click of the mouse (now that quantity surveyors are very much in demand in the Middle East and the offers available are so attractive one would be silly not to consider any, eh?). But the dark side of me, the more domineering one is just not ready to leave. (isnt the dark always more alluring? I ain't talking about Nikon, btw why is Nikon known as the dark side??) Haih.

Anyway, rants aside. To all my friends who are leaving to the land of sand and surf under the sun, I wish u all the best. And please, spare me a decent room when I drop by for a visit (if I ever do... nowadays flying to London is cheaper than to Middle East, with Air Asia promising return fares as low as RM1200!). In return of your hospitability, I'll bring you wantan mee, bakuteh , charsiew pau and anything pork ok? Hehe. Bon Voyage!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Two Down, Two More To Go

It has been two years, and another two to go!

I'm counting down the remaining days of my bond. Two years is certainly not a short period of time, although I personally didnt feel like I have been in the workforce for 2 years.

As usual, when I past certain milestones in my life, I will take some time to reflect on the past, and of course, that comes with a great deal of "I wish it wasnt so..." and "I should have...". Life has been okay, bittersweet I would say. There were days when I would feel so rewarded to do what I am doing, and there were many more days when I wish I was doing something else. The vicous cycle has not end, but right now, I have learnt to be more accepting of the situation rather than always trying to run away from reality, which often were futile efforts.

Having said that does not mean that I want to remain in this line forever. Ive yet to chart my career path; still indecisive of what to do next and wishing that I can make good money from a passion I've yet to discover. But life is not all bad here. Ive had my share of good times with the company. Like, I've had the opportunity to hike up Gunung Ledang and venture into normally prohibited spots on the hill. And to deliver a speech in front of Dato Fong Chan Oon, the then Human Resource Minister. I've also learnt a fair bit of events management, organising trips and outings for staff (which could be hell lot of problems) and also, opportunities to take photographs of events and games, which do not come to normal people under ordinary circumstances. Well, at least, I can cross out events management from my 'potential fields to work in the future'. So less one headache =)

On a more job-related side, I've had the once in a blue moon opportunity to actually be involved in serious legal disputes between the company and some sub contractors. Not every dispute will end in such a 'big' way, so I consider myself lucky to be in a place where I can learn from this er, misfortune. It's not easy work but its a good experience ground for me.

So after two years here, I did ask myself one question. After all the pain and tears, is it worthwhile to go on? I honestly dont know and very much lost and confused. But at least, I dont have the opportunity to derail from dellusion, thanks to the bond that has bolted my feet on the ground. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. No? We'll see in two years time. =)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

This is my first movie in 8-9 months, the last being probably Transformers or Spiderman 3, I forgot. Yes, its been THAT long.
I'm glad to see Jet Li back on the silver screen. I missed him in The Warlords, which I somehow didnt get to watch and now he's back with The Forbidden Kingdom, alongside with another kungfu star Jackie Chan.
2 Great Kungfu Icons in 1 movie. How interesting!
But no, personally I think the movie is quite crappy- the lead white boy (Micheal Angarano, who the heck he was) seems more small alongside big names like Jet Li and Jackie Chan, and the two chicnese chicks are worse- one like an ah lian at from TARC who hangs out at Sungai Wang Plaza and another looks like she just came out from some Video Game. To be honest, I can really figure out what exactly was the role of the girls, especially Sparrow (the ah lian). She doesnt fight very well, she doesnt contribute much to the storyline and the only thing she does was playing the er hu and fight with ...? I dont know, I think her role was created so as to add some 'spices' to the otherwise male-dominated movie.
But then again, the reason why this movie was ever produced was just to bring together both Jet Li and Jackie Chan in 1 movie, and I must say that they did not disappoint a bit. They put up spectacular fight scenes, one after another, showcasing moves and stances from so many divisions of kungfu. Both we holding different roles, yet their roles are very distinctive of their nature- I mean, Jackie Chan as the witty Drunken Immortal and Jet Li as the Silent Monk. Jackie has always played the funny and playful kungfu er, practitioner while Jet has always played the serious and more calm roles in all their films, separately. I was in awe, I admit, when I saw them fighting with each other in the movie. Spectacular show of martial arts from 2 of the greatest kungfu icons in history.
My verdict: Watch it only for the showcase of kungfu from Jet and Jackie. The rest are just the relish in the hotdog, they are there just as a fillers. If you are not into kungfu anf action movies, this movie is not for you.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nothing Pisses Me More

Than a car double-parked beside or behind my car.

At least, please have the courtesy to leave your number on the dashboard la. What is this, you illegal park and I have to wait for you to take your sweet time to remove your car before I can move mine? If the car is parked temporarily for 5 mins in front a bakery, or 7-11, still OK la, I dont mind. But for the whole day? This is too much...

Because of this stupid car, I have to stay back in office till 7.00pm. There goes my shopping plans. Cis!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Yo, I'm Connected!!

PETALING JAYA, 14 April 2008: Titanium, a blog owned and written by a young surveyor, finally made its maiden voyage into the world of night surfing. With the addition of a new RM2K DELL, friends of Titanium will be able to read more updates in the future.

" Your blog seems dead to me" commented one of Titanium's friend. This will not be an issue anymore now that Titanium doesnt have to steal time from office to update the blog.

" I am so glad that I finally got myself a laptop with wireless connection. I have so much to write with so little time because previously my only window to the internet was through my office desktop, of which I could only use before or after office hour for personal purpose" commented Titanium.

Those who are interested in reading the blog can log on to

And So The TM Spoke

*Disclaimer: Titanium is a politically neutral blog and the author does not believe in racial or religious judgement.

On Yesterday's Papers:

KUALA LUMPUR: The special rights and privileges of Malays should not be questioned but the community should make every effort to improve and stay united, the Tengku Mahkota of Kelantan said.
Tengku Mohammad Faris Petra Sultan Ismail Petra reiterated that nobody should challenge Malay rights and privileges, adding that these developments were becoming apparent following the recent general elections.
“The Malay Rulers will act as a source of unity and loyalty among all the people as stated in the Constitution and Rukunegara.
“As such, the people should be united and no one should question the special rights and privileges of the Malays because it is quid pro quo in return for providing citizenships to 2.7 million people of other races who joined the Malay Federation.
“It is not appropriate for the other races to demand equal rights and privileges after they had already acquired their citizenships,” he said in his opening address at a Malay unity gathering held in conjunction with the Maulidur Rasul celebration at the Putra World Trade Centre yesterday.

So this is how we are being look at through the eye of a local ruler. We are the 'other races' who should just shuddup and be thankful that they being all holy and merciful had given us, the beggers and disgraceful ones, some space at one corner as a servant, not as a co-owner. I think the TM forgot that much of our country's development was contributed by the other races. We dont ask for equal rights, or more. All we want is to end all the deprivation that the government has been doing to us all these while. Race based policies are slowly beginning to lose its clutch and being a ruler, it is very, very shallow and insensitive to even have such a disgusting thought of us vs them, more so to publicly annoucing it.

I am truly disappointed to have such a person as a ruler, (albeit only an heir to a state throne) whom I expect to promote national unity for all, shelter the poor, clothe the naked, feed the hungry and fight for the deprived. If the ruler, or any other people at all, still stubbornly hold on to the policies of old, our country will NEVER be a 1st world country.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Safety Helmet Issue

The guards told me that my safety helmet broke last night. And out of fear, the night guards threw it away.

Its downright illogical.

I personally put my helmet ON the table IN the guardhouse before I left instead of leaving it at the counter for the guards to put it in for me. I wanted to ensure that the helmet will not go missing again. I've had a couple of experiences with disappearing helmet, in which I found back the helmet in both occassion (it was the same helmet). But this time, its what, BROKEN?

Wait a minute. Something is not right here. My safety helmet comes with a SIRIM stamp which means it should not break easily. I have smashed my helmet on the ground a few times and the only thing that broke was the plastic insole, which is easily replaceable. The only way to break it, I supposed would be to drive a car (or in the case of a construction site, a forklift?) over it. Which is impossible because we all know that helmets have no legs, and it cant 'walk' out from the INSIDE of the guardhouse on to the road.

And they dont even have the broken pieces to show it to me.

I have given many chances and this time, I will not be silent.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Elections At The Kampung

Hand painted banners hung on coconut trees and chain fencings. Walking around the taman with a DSLR did attract people, mostly curious kampung folks, wondering which press I'm working for ;p

Sorry for overexposed pictures. Still learning and have not gotten the setting and PP right. The blog remains politically neutral (tho the author may have her own preference).

Monday, February 04, 2008

Behold, A New Look!

I'm giving the blog a new outlook this year! Yes, i know that it's already February but its never too late for a change!

This year, I'm gonna make a change in the blog. No more complaints, and no ranting. No sudden outburst of anger towards rich tai-tai driving slow pots on the road. And no I-feel-so-blue entries here. Those, I will leave to myself, perhaps will write it down somewhere else. I'm older and supposedly wiser now...

And what will you get here?

Anything other than those stated above. Product/music reviews, travelogues, event coverage, yada yada yada...Basically a whole lot of nonsensical stuff here. But I promise not to bore you with too much of junk food. Will have some substantial topics here as well. On God. On politics *case sensitive*, my 2 cents worth on social issues. Ah, an also, expect to see more photos and photojournalistic entries this year as I learn the art of photography. My works may not be as great as the works of Micheal Yamashita, but I will work through it lah.

OK la, got to work now. Talk later. Happy Chinese New Year to all!


Monday, January 21, 2008

Free Laptop

I hope I will win. My crap PC which I bought second-hand many years ago from a lousy supplier (sorry to the family members of the supplier who might be reading this entry- I just cant help but to mention how disappointed I was when I found out that the PC he sold me was a piece of junk, only 30G HD and 215 and hangs everytime I log in. Not to mention that the Microsoft Excel just doesnt work anymore despite several re-installations and re-boots. For RM1K, that's a ripoff. And I dont even want to think of installing any new programmes such as Photoshop coz the piece of slow mo wont be able to take it. Darn!)

*adjusts from a frawn to a smile*

Now where did I stop...Yah, the winning the laptop thing. Please, please, let me win!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Maybe I Was Wrong

I so wanted to organise an outdoor adventure for the people. I negotiated the best price - RM 145 for a day of Rock Climbing, Waterfall Abseil, Flying Fox, River Hike and High Ropes Course. I was hoping that there will be outgoing people to follow me for this trip. I deliberately chose a Sunday so that those who work on Saturdays could come along. And instead of having some kind of class, I planned a hands-on outdoor activity at a natural area for maximum enjoyment and value-for-money. And the course that the facilitating company offered is one that is suitable for beginners and advanced alike, so there's nothing to worry about. Since the young guys in the company want something challenging, I thought they would respond positively to this activity.

That was what I thought. I was wrong.

Perhaps it was money. I tried to get a better deal but that was already the BEST. There are bigger issues than money, such as safety, which I cannot compromise. And it is true that the more money you pay, the better service you will get. I've fought for subsidy but to no avail. I cant possibly give out for FREE, what nonsense is this. If everybody only wants freebies, then perhaps they should just live in charity homes.

I am really on the verge of giving up doing what I do for the company. Perhaps, the previous guy would do a better job than me. Whatever, I am sick and tired of complaints after complaints on 'you should do this' and 'you should do that' from various people. Hey, I need to plan activities for a wide span of people, not just one group OK. For the young, for the old. Single and famili-ed. Fit and not-so-fit. Outgoing and the boring. It's really not easy for me. I have concluded that NO MORE OUTDOORS for the company.

This rock climbing will be cancelled. But the deal is so good I felt wasted to throw it away. Perhaps all my other friends would be interested to join me for a day at the hills? But then again, knowing them all, I dont think anyone would wanna sweat themselves like I do. Sad but this is reality.

Monday, January 07, 2008


*updated with pictures*

It's not a good feeling to be caught in a road accident. To be more precise, a three-car collision and you're car number two. Front kena, back also kena. Sigh.

I'm not going to talk much about the accident because it was a very ordinary case under very normal accident-inducing circumstances - rainy evening, traffic jam, one dumbo didnt stop, ram into my car causing me to budge and hit the front car (which was a cab), caused a small traffic jam, and an hour later, we were at the police station reporting the incident. See, very normal accident SOPs.

The plate number was darkened on purpose. No, it was not harmed in the accident.

I'm gonna talk about my observations about accidents instead.

1. Workshop agents will appear from nowhere in no time. So are tow trucks. They swarm the place like bees at their bee hives.
2. They also can be found at the police station. They may be helpful (which I appreciate a lot) but you've got to be hard hearted if you really, really want to send your car to YOUR mechanic instead of to any of them.

These days, you've got to be vary of strangers. I've heard stories of how innocent accident victims got conned and 'robbed' of their spare parts and all.

3. Not all cops are bad, some are pretty nice. This time around, I met both. The lady at the counter who shall not be named here has to really brush up on her people skill. Like, she could at least talk properly to the people she attends to? Mesra, cepat dan betul, yah rite! But the sarjan was pretty good lah, the opposite of that woman at the counter.

4. I just found out that if you are driving someone else's car and was involved in an accident, the owner of the car will be slapped with an additional RM400 summon on top of the usual RM300 summon.

I've yet to settle all the insurance claims and all, hopefully I will know if I'll have to part with RM 700 or not...In the meantime, my baby will have to stay at the workshop until Thursday for some extensive knocking and repainting =(

Cannot. Open. Bonnet.

*just a note: Actually, I think, the Iswara isnt that bad a car after all, a loud crash from the back and all that was damaged at the rear portion was the bumper bracket shifed a little (still can close the boot but have to slam a little harder) and a few scratches. The front was a little dented but the vehicle still could run fine.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It's 2008!

Happy New Year friends!

As usual, the beginning of a year would be the time for reflections and resolutions. This time around is no exception, only difference is, I would have to delay my time for that purpose a little while more because of my workload and other stuff. Frankly speaking, I dont feel like its 2008 now coz the days seems to pass like any other day. And I didnt even stay up for any countdowns, be it at church, home or at the various street parties around town. Perhaps my soul is getting old. Sigh. And, and....I was working on 1st Jan. How sad!

Had so much to write but unfortunately the time for blogging had to be shared with a whole lot of other things to do, be it at work or home. Will post up my reflections of the year that was and my hopes for the new year when I've done up the draft. Hopefully by next week. And a new template for the blog too =)

In the meantime, here's a big thank you to everyone for a great 2007, and for the misery of the year, here's a good wipe-out of the past and a fresh beginning...