Monday, December 17, 2007

Water Disruption

I am glad to have:

1) A friend like Petrina who took me in her house at 11.30pm to bathe and wash up for the night. And she even offered me to stay over just in case the next morning the water disruption has not been rectified. Good thing I stayed over, coz indeed, the tap was still dry the next day.

Until now. It's been 2 days. I wonder what SYABAS is doing.

2) A gym membership. Going to Pet's house is great but on weekdays, I dont think I want to trouble her (coz I wake up really early for work) so the best place to bathe and clean myself would be the gym. And thank God the gym is so near my house I dont have to travel far to bathe. Water is free and so are other things =)

I hope the water supply is back this evening.

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