Tuesday, December 18, 2007

And Suddenly I Became Poetic...

I swear to you I've never written ANY single poem before. Except for malay pantuns which I admit, I was very good at in my school days. But not English poems or the distant cousins of any form of poetry. Even my days of writing malay pantuns are long gone.

But I wrote a peom today to promote my company's New Year Party. Yes, I WROTE A POEM! And it rhymes pretty well too, though I'm sure Joshuaraj could have done a better job =).

Here's how it goes.

2007 started without us realising,
And in a blink of the eye, the year is ending,
What should we do when 07 turns 08,
Of course we'll party, dance and celebrate!

Where should we go this time around?
Uncle Chillis, Hilton is the place to be found,
If you wonder, when the party will be,
Mark your calender, its 4 January.

So register yourself by 27 December,
And brace yourself for a night to remember,
Scroll down this page for more information,
Our committees are ready to answer your questions!

How? Not bad for a technical person, eh?

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sheila said...

rhymes like a malay pantun