Friday, November 09, 2007

Memories Not Forgotten

Thanks to Picassa, I can now make some reasonably decent collages. PhotoMix was good but the end products are a little too small for blog posting. Though Picassa doesnt allow much flexibility in the arrangement of the photos, but for me, this shortcoming is still OK, no big deal.

Here are some pics which I had always wanted to post up in this blog but didnt have the time to load individually. A collage and a summary of what the outings were all about is perfect for a busy exec like me.

1. Petrina's Birthday. -We went to Coliseum Cafe, after hearing so much about the old colonial charm the place has to offer.

The place is run by some really old Ah Peks and Indians. Its the only place that I know that still expects their customers to pay tips, which I did, considering the service and food were pretty satisfactory, amidst the old uncle who gave the 'u want to eat or not' stare at my indecisiveness to place my order.

All in all it was a great outing, money worth spent and night worth remembering.

Oh ya, we walked through some old rustic roads downtown KL at night, which could be rather interestingly spooky if you look close enough.

Old pre-war chinese shophouses. With faded red banner which seems to have only one function- to scare away ghosts. And plastered walls with something that looks like a school emblem or whatnot. AND dilapidated shophouses with lights on the INSIDE of the house, and specifically in ONE room. I wonder what lurkes inside? Eeerie.

KL roads are beautiful at night.

2. Ming & Glo's Bday- At Thai Express, Curve. We had Thai food and Baskin Robbins for dessert.

3. Casual Dinner At Eurodeli, Damansara Kim - Warning: This is a porky place. They serve good German sausages, Bratswurst and pork knuckles. Value for money and is a great place to hang out with a bunch of pork-devouring friends and enjoy each-other's company.

5. Emmy's wedding & Port Dickson Trip- This is the most recent happening. Emmy got married in Seremban and we took the opportunity to make a little vacation at the nearby beach. Jokes of the year -Dom hit a glass door because he didnt notice there was glass, and Adeline and Meera got lost on their way to PD and ended up at Rembau.

Eh, dont know why the images are so blurred...Maybe Ive attempted too many pictures in one frame..

So that's it lah. The summary of memories not forgotten. I'm sure I have more just that I dont have the pics in my office PC.

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emmyjemmy said...

hey, i'd like to have the photos you took ;) how can i get them from u ler? yalar, the pics turned out very blur. can't see ler...