Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's Not That Easy After All

I've been cracking my head since early this month and I am still no where near to what I need to acheive. The Photography Workshop is scheduled to be on the first weekend of December and I have yet to select any place good enough for the outing. Sigh.

You see, company outings are never easy to organise- no matter what you do, there will always be someone complaining about something. Not FOC, kena complaint, too expensive also kena complaint, food not good, kena again, place not nice, I also die. If too family-oriented, the young ones will say its boring, if too outrageous, the old ones will feel left out. Basically I have to look into every aspect of the activity to make sure most people are happy and contented and nobody feel neglected in any way. And after putting the best foot forward and doing all you could, there will always be people who do not appreciate all your works.

Sigh. Part and parcel of events management and dealing with people.

Anyway, for this upcoming event, I have not done so many things. Not secured a place for the field trip, hvn't book the hall for the class and the promotion was not even done up yet! It's something I am worried about considering that its 2 weeks more to D-day. The initial plan to go to SilverPark Fraser's Hill had to be abandoned due to cost factor (of course it is a factor and the club doesnt have a big budget for sudsidy of social events) and also because the resort does not have a very plausible reputation, so to speak. If all hotel reviews gave thumbs down, including Wikipedia, tell me, how good can the place be? And weigh in the human factor- that there will be some aunties who cant bear the sight of a single molecule of dust in the house and will not hesitate in wrecking havoc in the hills and spoil the mood.

And then there are other resorts in other areas of interest. Cameron is my best alternative but a trip over the weekend will be too rushed and I dont think I will enjoy myself as much as I would given more days for the retreat. Port Dickson is near but the guys are Eagle Ranch didnt reply my email till today. I've even tried contacting some travel agents to arrange for a cheap tour but no reply also. Seriously, I think these people should just erase off their email add from their websites considering nobody from their side actually checks on the mails and make effort to reply their prospective clients! Don't they know that email is the IN way of communication? Talk about Visit Malaysia Year 2007!

So last resort is a day trip to somewhere scenic in Selangor for the field trip. sounds easy but where can I take the group?? Paya Indah Wetlands is closed and Putrajaya is too vast I dont know which area to cover! Pulau Ketam is OK but the island seems to be very Chinese-dominated, which may not be too good for multiracial groups. Where else can I go?? Where????? Can anyone suggest a scenic and not boring place for a photography outing somewhere within 2 hours drive from KL, max. I'm running dry on ideas...


Anonymous said...

tina, how about a photo outing in kuala selangor, bukit melawati or sumtin! it cud be fun lar. hehehe.

tina said...

zara, im thkg of putrajaya least they have guided tours to control people with itchy legs..

bukit melawati is also a good place.

hey for this outing, you must come ok!

Cruel Angel said...

Let's go for MT. KInabalu!

Nice view

Nice Air

Nice girlsss :)