Thursday, October 04, 2007

Useless Picture

When I was browsing for a picture of the then-missing gal Nurin (when she was still missing) in aid of the search mission, I found none on the internet. NONE. Not even a single pic in any online newspaper, which I think is quite silly coz at that moment, we had a child who had been missing for almost a month and if public help is needed to locate the gal, shouldnt the media play a more proactive role by, at least, put up her picture EVERYDAY until the case is closed? A small one will do, maybe somewhere on the top right corner or smthg. But no...I couldnt even find a picture of her anywhere.

And today, as I was reading the online newspaper, I saw this article about a medium who raped a gal and is on the run now. At the end of the article, it says

"DSP Ahmad Sukarno urged those who had fallen victim to the medium, or anyone with information on the case, to contact the Rakan Cop hotline (07-2212 999) or the district police headquarters (07-9321 222)."

OK. If I do wanna help in finding the culprit, at least give me some bigger and better pictures lah rite? How do members of the public co-operate with the cops if the best shot that the newspaper (or cops) could give is this:

We're not looking for the cop, do we?

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