Friday, October 05, 2007

Please Be Careful On The Road

For the first time in my life, I actually saw two accidents in one morning. One happened in front of me, and another, happened just appx 10 to 15 mins b4 I passed the scene.

The first one was a minor one, involving a car and a motorcyclist. The biker fell onto the road, lying like he was seriously injured or konked out but he managed to get up a min later and rode off. The car that he hit slowed down but did not stop upon seeing the motorcyclist stood up well and healthy. I think the biker was very fortunate that it happened when all the cars were moving rather slowly due to the bigger accident some 300m ahead which caused all motorists to slow down. Had the road been clear, he could have been rolled over by another vehicle and die.

The bigger accident was pretty bad. 4 cars, and one turned turtle. Dont know how it happened but i dont remember seeing any bodies lying with pools of blood and flesh scattered everywhere. No, I only saw 4 cars, some people taking photographs of the scene (probably bloggers??), the cops and shattered glass. But I dont think anyone could escape uninjured in accidents like this.

Seeing two accidents in such a short span of time made me think. I am a fast and impatient driver and I could be the one running over the fallen motorcyclist if this were to happen on a normal day. Or I could be one of the cars in the collision which couldnt stop on time because the momentum of the car was too great that an accident is inevitable. Of course I wont turn turtle lah coz I dont think I actually drive THAT fast to flip and crash. But it's still something to remember and caution myself about when I drive in the future.

Friends, if you drive or ride, please be a little more careful. I dont want these to happen to any of you.

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