Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's Back!

Jeng Jeng Jeng!

It's back. I'm gonna watch it, I'm gonna watch it, I'm gonna watch itttttt!!!!!!!!

It was so much fun in last year's tournament. It rained but I had a great time watching the game with my ex-colleagues Alan and Viren. I brought Adeline to the finals and we had a great time ogling at beefcakes watching the game. And yes, not to be missed, the Haka. This year's gonna be good, but sadly I dont see Sandakan Eagles in the list. I wonder what happened to them. They should be in coz most of them are from the plantation division of my company (who is the main sponsor of the game). Hm....

Oh, the Penguins are in. They are pretty strong, the Champion in last year's match. let me see any familiar names...

COBRA, Mendoza, Barbarians, NZ Wanderers, Aetorea (whom we photograph with in last year's tourney), Rangotal, Natal, and of course Penguins. The rest were either not in last year's tournament or had slipped off my mind.

Eh, the fully mat salleh Singapore team is not in this year...I remember them coz they look NOTHING like Asians and Singapore. Not even their jersey colour. All imported player. ALL!


Anyway, since I am entitled for FREE tickets, I shall show my support to the game and yes, I will be going. =) If you havent watch the game, I highly recommend this tournament for live action of rugby, food and booze...Hehe.

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