Monday, October 22, 2007

Gone Going....

Right now, right here, I am singing the blues..

Its kinda funny, how life can change,
Can flip 180 in a matter of days,
Sometimes life works in mysterious ways,
One day you wake up, gone without a trace...
Adapted from Blue's One Love

Just half a year back, I was angry and very much against my boss. I thought he was dumb. And I didnt like the way he had been treating us. I didnt respect him as much as I should as a subordinate. We even had a huge crisis which ended up with a cold war among us for weeks.

But somehow, time works in ways we never understood. Much later, gradually, we because good workmates, (though he still wasnt very smart in his doing) and we could even joked among us. We're like the fishes in the aquarium, he being the big fish that guards the aquarium and we the small ikan bilis would just move to where the big brother goes.

How ironic. The people I didnt like 6 months ago became people I am pretty close with and the ones whom I had a good first impression on, they are the ones I find more disappointing by the day.

And now, boss has left and here I am once again, being left superior-less like how it was when the project just started. I feel sad, of course. The big joker with all his colorful antics is now gone. Gone for good. No more whistlings in the morning, and certainly no more irritating operas. And 'arro's for 'hello's. But most importantly, there wont be a breakwater when tsunami strikes. We all will be wiped off first hand. I dont know how to handle these times of turbulance but I trust God will take me through...

Till then, I will have to worry about the extra workload that will be transferred to me very very soon...


Petrina said...

tina, it will be all right. and you know what, i feel the same way about my colleagues too, sometimes.

altho, yeah, hearing you talk about him made me laugh. and who knows?
maybe something or someone better will come along.

Cruel Angel said...

Is a normal things, those who smile and befriended you at the first place might not be the real them.

The real nice guy might be shy or reluctant to show his kindness for the fear that he might be taken advantages of.

The real world might not seems as it like, but in order to be happy we must always look at the bright side or the good side of people.

There will always be some kindness in everyone of us. Cheers… Take care.