Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Bourne Review

This movie somehow reminds me of.... Bollywood movies in the 90s. No matter how bad the hero crashed and bashed, he will survive with only some bruises and cuts. That's just so lame.
And lame is the movie. The car chase was no better than the chase between Barricade and Bumble Bee in Transformers, and the running scene failed to inpress me like how Daniel Craig did in Casino Royale. The only credit I can give is, well, at least the storyline is quite OK. I said OK, not excellent coz the only thing that Jason Bourne did was run away, attack and run away again. Yes, I know there is a reason for him to be on the run, that he wanted to find out who he was, yada yada yada but shouldnt there be MORE to this? It appears to me that the high theme for the movie was just to showcase how Bourne outsmarts the intelligence agency of the US.
Before I forget, there's one thing I still dont understand. If Jason Bourne is on the run, how on earth did he get the money to fly? For James Bond, understood la, he's got a day job and the Government pays him damn lot to travel. But for a fugitive like Bourne (my goodness, why must they sound the same???? Jason Bourne, James Bond, Jason Bourne, James Bond...ayuh!) he must have a lot of savings from various accounts to be able to use them without being detected by the agency and could pass ANY airport in the world anytime he wants without being pulled in for questioning by the authorities. I like that, haha....
Verdict : I'll give it a 4 star. If all you want is just to watch an action movie, do give this flick a try. If you want something of greater substance, I recommend Casino Royale on DVD.

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