Monday, October 22, 2007

Gone Going....

Right now, right here, I am singing the blues..

Its kinda funny, how life can change,
Can flip 180 in a matter of days,
Sometimes life works in mysterious ways,
One day you wake up, gone without a trace...
Adapted from Blue's One Love

Just half a year back, I was angry and very much against my boss. I thought he was dumb. And I didnt like the way he had been treating us. I didnt respect him as much as I should as a subordinate. We even had a huge crisis which ended up with a cold war among us for weeks.

But somehow, time works in ways we never understood. Much later, gradually, we because good workmates, (though he still wasnt very smart in his doing) and we could even joked among us. We're like the fishes in the aquarium, he being the big fish that guards the aquarium and we the small ikan bilis would just move to where the big brother goes.

How ironic. The people I didnt like 6 months ago became people I am pretty close with and the ones whom I had a good first impression on, they are the ones I find more disappointing by the day.

And now, boss has left and here I am once again, being left superior-less like how it was when the project just started. I feel sad, of course. The big joker with all his colorful antics is now gone. Gone for good. No more whistlings in the morning, and certainly no more irritating operas. And 'arro's for 'hello's. But most importantly, there wont be a breakwater when tsunami strikes. We all will be wiped off first hand. I dont know how to handle these times of turbulance but I trust God will take me through...

Till then, I will have to worry about the extra workload that will be transferred to me very very soon...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Bourne Review

This movie somehow reminds me of.... Bollywood movies in the 90s. No matter how bad the hero crashed and bashed, he will survive with only some bruises and cuts. That's just so lame.
And lame is the movie. The car chase was no better than the chase between Barricade and Bumble Bee in Transformers, and the running scene failed to inpress me like how Daniel Craig did in Casino Royale. The only credit I can give is, well, at least the storyline is quite OK. I said OK, not excellent coz the only thing that Jason Bourne did was run away, attack and run away again. Yes, I know there is a reason for him to be on the run, that he wanted to find out who he was, yada yada yada but shouldnt there be MORE to this? It appears to me that the high theme for the movie was just to showcase how Bourne outsmarts the intelligence agency of the US.
Before I forget, there's one thing I still dont understand. If Jason Bourne is on the run, how on earth did he get the money to fly? For James Bond, understood la, he's got a day job and the Government pays him damn lot to travel. But for a fugitive like Bourne (my goodness, why must they sound the same???? Jason Bourne, James Bond, Jason Bourne, James Bond...ayuh!) he must have a lot of savings from various accounts to be able to use them without being detected by the agency and could pass ANY airport in the world anytime he wants without being pulled in for questioning by the authorities. I like that, haha....
Verdict : I'll give it a 4 star. If all you want is just to watch an action movie, do give this flick a try. If you want something of greater substance, I recommend Casino Royale on DVD.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's Back!

Jeng Jeng Jeng!

It's back. I'm gonna watch it, I'm gonna watch it, I'm gonna watch itttttt!!!!!!!!

It was so much fun in last year's tournament. It rained but I had a great time watching the game with my ex-colleagues Alan and Viren. I brought Adeline to the finals and we had a great time ogling at beefcakes watching the game. And yes, not to be missed, the Haka. This year's gonna be good, but sadly I dont see Sandakan Eagles in the list. I wonder what happened to them. They should be in coz most of them are from the plantation division of my company (who is the main sponsor of the game). Hm....

Oh, the Penguins are in. They are pretty strong, the Champion in last year's match. let me see any familiar names...

COBRA, Mendoza, Barbarians, NZ Wanderers, Aetorea (whom we photograph with in last year's tourney), Rangotal, Natal, and of course Penguins. The rest were either not in last year's tournament or had slipped off my mind.

Eh, the fully mat salleh Singapore team is not in this year...I remember them coz they look NOTHING like Asians and Singapore. Not even their jersey colour. All imported player. ALL!


Anyway, since I am entitled for FREE tickets, I shall show my support to the game and yes, I will be going. =) If you havent watch the game, I highly recommend this tournament for live action of rugby, food and booze...Hehe.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Day Before Raya

The train was pretty much empty. Driving to work was such a bliss. KL city will be one quiet deserted place. Yaey!

As much a I enjoy the anticipation to a long weekend, I have this little sadness in me.

Tomorrow will be Raya, Sunday is a holiday, Monday is a replacement holiday and Tuesday is...back to work, back to war. And the war will be greater than before coz everything will resume full swing.

I dread that feeling. And fear the possibility of yet another ferocious battle. I am tired.

Maybe I should be more positive. At least I dont have to work tomorrow! And my alarm clock can take a day off coz I dont have to wake up early! Haha.

And tonight my friends and I will be travelling down south for a nice seafood meal. Hopefully the road will not be jammed.

Selamat Hari Raya Puasa, Maaf Zahir Batin.

**ps: some little nonsense here..

I only knew that HR is known as Eid in English a few years back. And I find the English literal translation for HR is kinda funny, coz its 'Safe Celebration Day'...Haha. Language is a funny thing.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Please Be Careful On The Road

For the first time in my life, I actually saw two accidents in one morning. One happened in front of me, and another, happened just appx 10 to 15 mins b4 I passed the scene.

The first one was a minor one, involving a car and a motorcyclist. The biker fell onto the road, lying like he was seriously injured or konked out but he managed to get up a min later and rode off. The car that he hit slowed down but did not stop upon seeing the motorcyclist stood up well and healthy. I think the biker was very fortunate that it happened when all the cars were moving rather slowly due to the bigger accident some 300m ahead which caused all motorists to slow down. Had the road been clear, he could have been rolled over by another vehicle and die.

The bigger accident was pretty bad. 4 cars, and one turned turtle. Dont know how it happened but i dont remember seeing any bodies lying with pools of blood and flesh scattered everywhere. No, I only saw 4 cars, some people taking photographs of the scene (probably bloggers??), the cops and shattered glass. But I dont think anyone could escape uninjured in accidents like this.

Seeing two accidents in such a short span of time made me think. I am a fast and impatient driver and I could be the one running over the fallen motorcyclist if this were to happen on a normal day. Or I could be one of the cars in the collision which couldnt stop on time because the momentum of the car was too great that an accident is inevitable. Of course I wont turn turtle lah coz I dont think I actually drive THAT fast to flip and crash. But it's still something to remember and caution myself about when I drive in the future.

Friends, if you drive or ride, please be a little more careful. I dont want these to happen to any of you.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Useless Picture

When I was browsing for a picture of the then-missing gal Nurin (when she was still missing) in aid of the search mission, I found none on the internet. NONE. Not even a single pic in any online newspaper, which I think is quite silly coz at that moment, we had a child who had been missing for almost a month and if public help is needed to locate the gal, shouldnt the media play a more proactive role by, at least, put up her picture EVERYDAY until the case is closed? A small one will do, maybe somewhere on the top right corner or smthg. But no...I couldnt even find a picture of her anywhere.

And today, as I was reading the online newspaper, I saw this article about a medium who raped a gal and is on the run now. At the end of the article, it says

"DSP Ahmad Sukarno urged those who had fallen victim to the medium, or anyone with information on the case, to contact the Rakan Cop hotline (07-2212 999) or the district police headquarters (07-9321 222)."

OK. If I do wanna help in finding the culprit, at least give me some bigger and better pictures lah rite? How do members of the public co-operate with the cops if the best shot that the newspaper (or cops) could give is this:

We're not looking for the cop, do we?