Thursday, September 13, 2007

This Is A Bad Mother

The pictures say it all. In case u cant see through the noisy image (taken with my Sony Ericsson camera phone which cannot zoom on normal mode) the pictures show a mother smoking in front her toddler, shamelessly and guilt-lessly. I saw the scene during a Merdeka countdown somewhere around where I live.

Spare the child, woman! Smoking kills and will kill both you and your child. Seems like the kid will live a miserable life as a secondary smoker. All mothers out there, DO NOT do what this terrible selfish woman is doing. Quit smoking for the sake of your children, if you really love them. Fathers out there: Stop smoking before your kid follows your footsteps or before they start dreading your presence.

Smoking kills and I will do anything I could to condemn ciggerates. SAYA ANTI ROKOK.

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