Monday, September 10, 2007

This Calls For A QS

The flaws of some government purchasers have been exposed! The Star reported that "...the Government paid RM8.39mil more than the market price at that time." Wow, that's like reckless spending!

The examples given were shocking. Like, some el-chepo looking plastic vase that I personally think could be found in the RM5 shop which actually did cost some RM5.20 was bought by a stupid Government purchaser RM42.80. I smell a rat here. Come on, even an auntie who goes to the pasar knows that there is such thing as a BARGAIN and buying something without investigating on the market price is just plain foolish.

And the worse part was, there wasnt any black and white on the negotiations on the price of those items. Fishy, fishy. So who's to blame? The Government should just sack the people involved in this scam. I'm sure they are those commonly found officers who go to work on time only to leave at 8.02am for breakfast, 45-min tea break at 10.00am, 1-hour lunch at 12.30pm, tea again at 3.00pm and close shop at 5.00pm sharp. That doesnt include those frequent ciggy and toilet breaks. Sounds familiar? Yeah, THAT kind of people whose salaries are funded by the tax-payers. All tak boleh pakai.

Anyway, as I was reading the newspaper, I was thinking, boy, the Government needs more QS in departments other than JKR to bargain the price, engage cheap and reliable suppliers, and to compare the quotes for the best deals in town. Hmm...Suddenly I feel that there is a good market demand for QSes in areas other than constuction coz basically much of our work pertains to money management. But then again, this aint gonna make much difference coz the crux of the matter is not the job but the attitude towards the job. Corruption is a disease, QS or no QS. The only difference is, perhaps by employing a QS, the relevant government department could at least, have someone who specialises in the area of bargaining and knows how to report their evaluation in a proper way. Technically workable but...haih, you know how government officers are like, no need to say more.

Well, as lousy as the government office is, at least the Auditor General does his job pretty well. I am sure there are more shocking discoveries which were not reported in the dailies.

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