Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Story of A Little Fish

Once upon a time, there is a little fish stucked in a net but still in the sea. The little fish, being small in nature, could not escape from the net. Nor can it swim against the currents. So the fish tried its best to accomodate both the sea and the net. But the fish is getting tired having to please both masters. The fish must choose either one. But whatever the fish chooses, it has nothing to win, and all there is to lose.

The fish has two dilemma.

If it goes with the sea, the net will hunt down the fish and this little fish will not have any protection from any other creatures, not event from the sea. For all it might not know, the sea could even turn its back over the fish and feed it to the net. If that happens, the fish would become instant dinner for the fisherman.

The wiser choise would be to submit to the net. The sea may see the fish as a pest, or may even disown the fish for rebelling against its wishes, but this fish has to do what a fish has to do. Got to protect itself from the greater harm. So the fish prayed, thought about the pros and cons, and finally took the step to choose its own path. And so the fish chose to follow the net and leave the rest to its Maker.

I am the trapped little fish.

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Cruel Angel said...

Life is all about making Hard choices and that's what make life interesting.

Explore, you might find a new horizon.

Stayed protected, you might live a life of regret for not exploring?

Explore, you might lose more than you can afford.

Stayed protected, you might just get what you enough.

Choose the path wisely, nobody knows what the future hold.

Think wisely and throughly and make a choice.

so there will be no regret in choosing THE PATH,