Friday, September 14, 2007

Searching For The Perfect Free Online Photo Editor

Photoshop and I somehow dont belong in the same galaxy. I've tried so many versions but dont know why I just cant seem to open the software either at all, or for long. Problems like licence expired, not compatible with my pc and all that are making me belief that photoshop and I are not destined to be together...Or maybe I'm too dudu in IT. Either way, I love photography and I NEED a good digital photography editing tool and if I can find it in Photoshop, I will find it elsewhere.

Hence, the search for an online photo editing website/software. Best of all, its FREE (yeah, beat the pirates for all lousy softwares I ever bought!). My demands are easy, I want something that can:

1. Add text to the pictures. Any type of fonts, any colour, any size, anywhere in the picture.

I found to have such function and is very friendly to users. But the setback is, I cant load the pics into my pc so its out of my list.

Then I found Not bad, but it takes like the entire ice age+ stone age + bronze age to load 1 single picture! And another Shang Dynasty to load up every single edit I make!

So I decided to try something else. has this really flashy (no pun intended)web that will make every novice feel like a pro. And true to its look, it was easy to use, with all the flash applicators which made you feel like you wanna do everything in a single picture. I was very much saddened having to ditch it too but the inability to save my edits in the pc is just not acceptable. I can save in Picassa, or flickr but its just too much a hassle for a simple photo edit job. And considering I will have hundreds of pictures in the future, the extra long steps are just not worth going through. [Updates: I finally managed to upload the pictures into my pc but it still not my best choice for a photo editor because of the time lag due to its flash applications. But I still use it anyway]

I was getting a little desparete so I surfed around and got some pretty promising reviews from That was how I found pixenate. Its fast, easy, and downloads into the computer in a jiffy. BUT...jeng jeng jeng.. I can only place my text in 8 directions as specified in a scroll-down menu. North, South, East, West, N-E, N-W, S-E, S-W. That's about it, no in betweens. I dont like constraints and I want something that allows me to place my text anywhere I want. So its goodbye to the very promising pixenate. If I cant find any better editor, I might revert to Pixenate.


There is no truly reliable FREE photo editors online.

2. Do a collage. I sometimes have too many wonderful pictures to post in my blog but I dont think I wanna put up ALL as individual pictures coz it will take up damn lot of space. And of course, with more pictures, the page will load more slowly. So I went on a quest to look for the BEST digital collage maker online.

My search brought me several dodgy websites and recommendations, which i dont quite remember now. But in the midst of all the crappiness, I found... Photomix! It requires some downloading so I was quite hessitant initially. But the photographer in me said I should take the plunge, click the 'download' button and pooft! My wonderful journey with Photomix began. The programme is very easy to handle plus you can add on as many pictures as you want in a single canvas. More over, you can paste it anywhere in the canvas, and adjust the sizes as you like. It's like, manna from heaven! AND (yup, there's more!) you can add frames to your individual pictures of which you can select from a variety of templates. If tak cukup, you can download from their website and each download takes only a few seconds. Fast and friendly. I like. =) So the only thing I need now is a cekap online photo editor to edit my pics before I can paste them on my new best friend, PhotoMix. That's what I thought.

But no....PhotoMix get even better! I can even post a text on every picture in the collage. I just love PhotoMix more and more.

This is where it stops.

Then I realised that it's only a trial version and I have to buy the full version if i want to save the pics in the PC. That's so potong stim. That's it. All my hopes were crushed.

Moral behind the story: Cheap things no good, good things no cheap. I will have to settle for what's available online, whether I am fully satisfied or not. Or, I can invest in another Photoshop, which I think will lead to another disappointment. Till then I shall be unrest till I find the perfect free online photo editor.

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walter higgins said...

Hi Tina,

We're working on making the Add-Text tool more flexible. We hope to have a more flexible tool available soon.