Monday, September 24, 2007


Songs that Pass

My in-built music player cant seem to turn off the tunes of 'True' by Spandau Ballet, a 1983 evergreen song. I still dont know why I am listening to songs as old as I am! But its a beautiful ballard...

And another pretty good song is the lastest release by James Blunt. Now, I dont quite like Blunt's voice but I find '1973' to be pleasant to the ears. Have you seen the video? I like that too, reminded me of Gary Barlow's "Love Wont Wait" and Ronan Keating's "I Love It When We Do", except that his walk is slower than the other two. haha.

Chad Kroeger's latest collaboration with Santana was not bad too but I think I need to listern to it more often than once to really capture the taste of it. We'll see.

Songs that Fail

I remember the last time I wrote about music was to comment on the stupid song by Rihanna called 'Umbrella'. I still hate it and I dont understand why somebody has to do a cover version of the already-crappy song so soon. It's like stupid right? The singer is relatively unknown and for her to break into the scene with someone else's song is a stupid move. Lagi chose a stupid song. Sigh.

Speaking about bad songs, have you heard Fergie's latest collaboration with some small time rappers for "Big Girls Dont Cry"? If not, then you better dont even borther. It was BAD. BAD. BAD. Couldnt get any worse. The song sounded like it has been spoofed by JJ and Rudy of Hitz.FM. Let me describe it in all its hideous glories: it's a sad song and Fergie was singing as how she would in the original version, with some emo voice and mood, etc etc and the rappers shw collaborated with Like they are having a time of their life. So contraditory to Fergie. And not to mention the fact that they dont rhyme at all! Like somebody is singing in C and another in B flat or smthg. Darn crappy I tell you.

Another unbearable song that I heard lately was "Hey Delilah" by Plain White Ts. Hello? What era is this? It reminds me of an oldie "Dont Cry Joni" by Conway Twitty back in 1975. Same theme but dont quite have the same effect anymore.

Man, I have loads of bad comments today.

Sucky songs again, yes, the ones which manupulated cute kids voice to sell their songs to soft girls. Example "Lonely" by Akon. I never bought into the deception of the kids. And now, another singer tried to follow his method , Shane Ward (however the spelling) in his latest song 'If That's OK With You'. Again, I dont buy into the cutie cutie sound.

OK, last two comments and I will stop. Sean Kingston and his "Beautiful Girls" is not that bad, really but it just lacks originality. I mean, the song was inspired by the 60s, which was already time-tested to be favourable, so for me, what he did was merely using an old formula to catalput him to success. If I were to value his success, I would give him a 60% only coz the song was just not original and creative enough! Same goes for Amy Winehouse and her 'Rehab'. It's like making raisin butter cake from a butter cake recipe.

End of music commentary for the day. You may proceed with your daily routine.

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