Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm In Another Controversy

Again, I ignited another controversy at work. I seriously think by the end of my stint with the company, my name will be blacklisted. Sigh.

The last time I made a controversy was about the fee for the sports club's movie outing. So great was the issue that our CEO himself had to reply to ALL in the company to back the club's move.

This time around, its work related. Some system issues. From an innocent email explaining the problems with implementation of the system to the managing team and my site qs and PMs, now it has flowed out to other mangers and heads who are really not in relevant to the situation. I wonder, who else would reply to the mail. Dato CEO? MD of Properties? Country director of our Middle East counterpart? The heck.

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Cruel Angel said...

I got this feeling u gonna be CEO of IJM one day!!!